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If you are a student seeking admission to study Entrepreneurship, I want to assume you already know the requirements to study Entrepreneurship and you have also read through the list of courses under Entrepreneurship.

Nevertheless, this information is not enough to make you want to study Entrepreneurship. It is will be wise for you to also consider Entrepreneurship careers; where can an Entrepreneurship graduate work in Nigeria?

Believe me, you are doing the right thing in for searching what careers opportunities in Entrepreneurship because there are so many courses in the University with little or no good job opportunities or a good career choice. Notwithstanding, I’m not ignorant of the fact that you may end up on a different career entirely different from your Entrepreneurship degree.
Some of the career options Entrepreneurship degrees include:

  • Becoming a franchise owner: You can use your skills to develop your own business as part of a larger company. Buying a franchise from a brand owner, such as one of the fast-food giants, allows you to sell the brand’s products and services while running your own outlet and making your own business decisions.
  • Purchasing a business: You can purchase an existing business and turn it into a profitable venture. Purchasing an established company with existing customers means you do not have to work through the initial start-up phase. Instead, you will work to incorporate your own innovative ideas.
  • Creating a competing business: You can look for businesses that are successful but have no competition and become a competitor. You may see a successful concept that exists in one area, but learn that there is not a similar business in a different region. You can set up your business in a different region and take advantage of the gap in the market.
  • Starting a new business: You can start from the ground up with an innovative idea. You can take an idea for a business and dedicate yourself to finding the right business plan, the financing, equipment, property and employees to make the company a success.

Entrepreneurship has more various job opportunities with diverse subjects, depending upon the specialization and interest of the student. Not satisfied? take a look at Entrepreneurship-related courses here

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