If you are a student seeking admission to study Social Work, I want to assume you already know the requirements to study Social Work and you have also read through the list of courses under Social Work.

Nevertheless, this information is not enough to make you want to study Social Work. It is will be wise for you to also consider Social Work careers; where can a Social Work graduate work in Nigeria?

Believe me, you are doing the right thing in for searching what careers opportunities in Social Work because there are so many courses in the University with little or no good job opportunities or a good career choice. Notwithstanding, I’m not ignorant of the fact that you may end up on a different career entirely different from your Social Work degree.

These are the top career opportunities for Social Work graduates:

  • Administrative Social Worker
  • Adult Guidance Worker
  • Advice Worker
  • Arbitrator
  • Careers Adviser
  • Child Welfare Social Worker
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Community Development Worker
  • Community Social Worker
  • Education Consultant
  • Family Support Worker
  • Gerontology Social Worker
  • Health Educator
  • Healthcare Social Worker
  • High Intensity Therapist
  • Life Coach
  • Medical/Public Health Social Worker
  • Play Therapist
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Research Social Worker
  • School Social Worker
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Social and Human Service Assistant
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Youth Worker

Social Work has more various job opportunities with diverse subjects, depending upon the specialization and interest of the student. Not satisfied? take a look at Social Work related courses here

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