Is Broadcast Journalism a good major?

Yes, Broadcast Journalism is a good major for those who want to gain experience investigating, writing, reporting, photographing, editing and producing news. Broadcast Journalism prepares individuals to be professional broadcast journalists, editors, producers, directors, and managers. Includes instruction in the principles of broadcast technology; broadcast reporting; on- and off-camera and microphone procedures and techniques; program, sound, and video/film editing; program design and production; media law and policy; and professional standards and ethics.



Is Broadcast Journalism a hard major?

Yes. Broadcast Journalism is not a hard major. As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest. Broadcast Journalism is not a science or mathematics discipline.



Broadcast Journalism major salary

Broadcast Journalism is a good major in the United States with a limited number of job roles to explore. There is no standard salary for any Broadcast Journalism job. Your salary also depends on if you’re working in the private or public sector. The national average salary for a Broadcast Journalism major in the U.S. is $58,521



Some classes Broadcast Journalism majors may likely take:

  • Writing for the Digital Age
  • Television Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Communication
  • Newsgathering
  • Communication Law and Policy
  • Television News Reporting
  • Visual Design
  • Global Media
  • Television Performance
  • Feature Writing
  • Media Research and Analysis
  • Legal Issues in Media Management
  • Mobile Journalism
  • Storytelling with Data



What other majors are related to Broadcast Journalism?



Course difficult5%  ℹ️
Acceptance rate80% ℹ️
Relevance metric80%  ℹ️
Job availability53%
Estimated number of studentNil
Colleges with Broadcast Journalism Majors30+ ℹ️ See schools here


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