Counselor's Page

Hello, I am Fatherprada, An Award-Winning Teacher and Student Counsellor, An Optimistic Individual With The Dream Of Being An Inspiration For All.

These days getting into a university is very competitive and choosing the right course to study is much more important. A great way to increase your odds of being accepted to the school of your choice is to work with a student counselor. These are people who specialize in all the little nuances that go along with getting accepted to a university, polytechnics, or college and generally have a much better idea than the layperson on how to succeed academically.

Why Counselling?

When it comes to students, counseling is key. I have seen many failed and many succeed.  The difference between these two sets of students is the Right Guidance. Counseling offers you the opportunity to talk about admission, career, or other problems that are either causing you distress or interfering with your functioning. Fatherprada is a counselor who can respond to your concerns in an objective and non-judgmental manner. Chatting with Fatherprada is a unique opportunity in that it provides a safe avenue for you to speak freely and get quick and profound help.

  • Counseling fee: N1000
  • Duration: Until you are satisfied.

If your online payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page where you will access Fatherprada’s Whatsapp number.

To pay offline, send a mail to and request bank detail. To pay online use the button below.