{But strictly for students seeking admission and undergraduates with academic-related issues.}

I am glad you chose to talk to Fatherprada instead of making an unguided decision. I know the challenges students face when seeking for admission to study at a higher institution. These challenges are enormous and come in various forms. From the wrong choice of study to wrong subject combinations. Lack of proper counselling and many more…

Although I and my co-counsellors have written many articles on that can help students, oftentimes, there is a need for one on one serious phone counselling which may give light to some questions whose answers are not readily available on this website.

Counselling time: 9am – 5pm

Is counselling free?

No! Sorry. The fee is just a token.

I know that to some students the token may be huge, but compared to the counselling, recommendations and advice you will get, the fee is student-friendly and you can ask questions as many times possible.

The counselling fee is just a token of NGN700

After a successful payment, you will be redirected to another page and from there you will be told what to do next.

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Can’t pay online?
No problem, send I need bank account detail to ( Include your phone number on the email. You will receive an SMS containing different bank accounts. Send the counselling fee to the bank close to you.