Many people want to know if MBA is a professional Degree and the answer is No, MBA is not a professional degree. If you would love to have a professional degree in Business Administration, you should go for MSc Business Administration.


Let me tell you why I said MBA is not a professional degree. By definition, any degree that focuses on developing the required skills and expertise in a specific career field is referred to as a professional degree.

The purpose of a professional degree is to ensure that you are work ready for a career in a given field and have received the necessary training. This is because a professional degree put an emphasis on real-world application.

Remember, I advised that you go for Msc Business administration because the MSc degree is concentrated, which means that it will only deal with one main subject or specialisation of business. MSc is the perfect choice if you wish to pursue a career in a specialised field, such as finance.

Unlike MSc that focus on one main subject or specialisation of business, MBA is an all-encompassing degree. MBA is by definition, a generalist program, which exposes students to many different disciplines and goes into detail about how businesses function in general.

Consequently, it means an MBA degree will prepare you for a wide range of generalised management positions whereas an MSc is designed for a specific career path in the chosen field.

If MBA is not a professional course why apply for it?

MBA is a business-oriented course, at par with a professional degree and highly valued by employers worldwide. MBA is designed for students with some work experience (usually around three years). MBA degrees help develop leadership skills. An MBA can be studied in a number of different formats like full-time, part-time, and online.

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