Wellesley College majors and acceptance rate

Located in the Northwest region of the United States, Wellesley College has been providing an excellent liberal arts education for women since 1875. Smart, serious women choose Wellesley because it offers one of the best liberal arts educations—and total learning environments—available anywhere. But they graduate with more than a highly regarded degree and four memorable years. They leave as “Wellesley women,” uniquely prepared to make meaningful personal and professional contributions to the “real world”—and to be major influences in it.



Is Wellesley College hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Wellesley College is 20%. For every 100 applicants, 20 are admitted. This means the school is selective; hard to get into. The selection process for students is based on outstanding academic achievement, innovation, and curiosity.



Is Wellesley College a good school?

Wellesley College is a good school that provides an excellent liberal arts education to women who will make a difference in the world. Non Ministrari sed Ministrare. “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister,” is Wellesley’s motto—four Latin words that capture the College’s dedication to service and to cultivating leadership.



What is Wellesley College known for?

The world’s preeminent college for women, Wellesley is known for intellectual rigor, its belief in the enduring importance of service (and putting that belief into practice), and its cultivation in students of an inclusive, pragmatic approach to leadership.



Is Wellesley College a party school?

Yes, Wellesley College is a party school.



What major is Wellesley College known for?

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