Thank you for expressing interest in Fatherprada’s platform, which has gained significant traction from readers in Europe and Africa. Given the increasing volume of sponsored post inquiries, we’ve put together a streamlined guide to answer common questions.

Our Content Guidelines:

  • Articles should ideally fall between 700 – 1,500 words. However, compelling long-form pieces are also welcome.
  • Please include a minimum of two reputable external links to support your narrative.
  • We are receptive to a wide range of topics, but we refrain from Sexual, Gambling, CBD, and certain sensitive subjects.
  • Originality is paramount. Please ensure that your submission hasn’t been published elsewhere and is free from copyright infringements.
  • Articles will be published without a “sponsored” label, unless you request otherwise.
  • We will undertake minor proofreading tasks if we notice typographical or grammatical anomalies.
  • Rest assured, once published, your article will remain on our platform unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • As a bonus, your article will feature 3 Do-Follow links.
  • With our platform’s efficiency, articles are indexed promptly.
  • We must emphasize that submissions with more than 50% plagiarism or AI-generated content will not be accepted.

Submission Checklist: Kindly furnish the following in a docx format:

  • Proposed article title.
  • Meta description.
  • The article’s main content (inclusive of external links).
  • Your Paypal ID (solely for invoicing purposes).

Payment Protocol:

  • Post-publication, we’ll promptly share the article’s live link and our PayPal invoice.
  • We kindly request that payments be completed within 24-48 hours of receiving the invoice.
  • In the absence of payment or communication post 48 hours, the article will be retracted.
  • We’d like to clarify that link exchanges are not considered as an alternative to payment.


Initiation Steps: If the aforementioned aligns with your expectations, please reach out to us at hello @ or respond to the email that led you to this page. For your reference, our sponsored post fees range between $55-$200, contingent on the topic’s niche.

Warm Regards,

Fatherprada Team