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Fatherprada is interested in adding REGULAR/Guest contributors who are passionate about Education, Scholarship, Health and Finance.



We get a lot of pitches for content, which means we’re doing well since others are finding it and realizing there is an engaged audience here.

That said, Fatherprada turns down the vast majority of requests.


Mostly, it’s because those pitching haven’t done any research or low-quality content. Here are a few guiding principles to note:

No consumer-facing articles: If you’re pitching a topic focused on a temporal audience, (we get a lot of these), you’re virtually guaranteed to not get a response.

No Self Promo / SPAM: We’re not opposed to vendors writing, but posts from them need to be written without pimping their own products or clients.

Text link: No external links within the body of your post until you have 10 published guest post on Fatherprada. If you wish to include links on your post without writing 10 guest post, we charge 0.10 per word.


Make Your Pitch

If you’ve read the entire page and still interested in contributing to Fatherprada’ blog,  e-mail