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Write for Fatherprada

Fatherprada is interested in adding REGULAR/Guest contributors who are passionate about Education, Scholarship, Health and Finance. Fatherprada’s Blog are expected to write a minimum of 1 post per month.


Pitch Guidelines:

We get a lot of pitches for content, which means we’re doing well since others are finding it and realizing there is an engaged audience here.

That said, Fatherprada turns down the vast majority of requests.


Mostly, it’s because those pitching haven’t done any research. Here are a few guiding principles to note:

No consumer-facing articles. If you’re pitching a topic focused on a temporal audience, (we get a lot of these), you’re virtually guaranteed to not get a response. If you spend 2 minutes reading past posts, you’ll know Fatherprada’s Blog post are timeless. Temporally focused articles will be instantly deleted.

No Self Promo / SPAM. We’re not opposed to vendors writing, but posts from them need to be written without pimping their own products or clients. No text links within the body of the post will be given unless you write at least 2-3 quality posts first.


Contributor Guidelines:

  • If you are going to attack something… attack ideas, not people. (i.e. “your idea sucks”… not “you suck”)
  • Avoid obvious self-promotion
  • Do not cross-post content on other blogs
  • Disclose conflicts of interest
  • Topics should be issues that have either been researched or learned through 1st hand experience


How Inquiries are Evaluated:

Guest authors get links and exposure in return for original content. We do WANT more guest contributors. But not all of them are good; many are spammers or bloggers who will do anything for a link. Here’s how guest posting inquiries are evaluated:

  1. Emails address that does not end with website name are almost always instantly deleted. not
  2. Check their website out. Are they providing valuable content? If the site looks like crap, the inquiry gets deleted.
  3. Original article NOT already posted on the web. Are they stuffing the article with their own links? Do they seem genuinely interested in helping others, or just in it for their own benefit?
  4. Present of valuable keywords.


Make Your Pitch

If you’ve read the entire page and still interested in contributing to Fatherprada Blog as a regular author or have a specific story/article you feel is a fit for our audience, e-mail (please include your phone number).

State your interest and include at least one original sample post relating to Education, Scholarship, Health and Finance that could be a Fatherprada post along with a brief bio and any links to your previously published articles.