Farming is a branch of agriculture that deals with the cultivation of plants and the raising of livestock for food, fiber, and other agricultural products. It is an ancient practice of man that has evolved over time. It deals with the production of essentials like food, clothing, housing materials, writing materials, etc. In simpler terms, farming is the sustainer of humans.

Farming is usually called agriculture; however, the latter is more complex and deals with other broad issues like research and development. Farming, on the other hand, deals with the simple cultivation of plants and the rearing of animals. One can rightly say farming is a part of agriculture. The practice of farming is mechanized and manual labor that requires some level of experience or prior knowledge to practice perfectly, which is usually obtained by engaging in hobbies related to it.

Are you looking to venture into agricultural practices as a career? Do you want to own a farm and are trying to figure out how to go about it? Are you in search of activities to engage in on your farm? Or do you wish to study any course related to farming and agriculture? Well, this article is for you. In this article, we will be relaying valuable hobby ideas that would help you in any farm-related subject. They include;

  1. Gardening: Gardening can be classified as small-scale cultivation of crops for personal consumption or satisfaction. You can explore the world of farming by growing and tending a garden in your leisure time. Gardening provides fresh fruits and veggies for consumption, thereby contributing to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Cooking: What is a farmer who is ignorant of how to cook his products? Well, you can avoid being such by engaging in the art of cooking during your leisure time. As a hobby related to farming, cooking helps you utilize your farm produce in valuable ways. You can learn how to make different meals from fruits, veggies, and spices gotten from your farm. Cooking as a farmer is a way to create awareness of the benefits your products possess.
  3. Reading: Although one can argue that farming is more practical than technical, it does not limit the power of reading and acquiring theoretical knowledge. As we mentioned earlier, prior knowledge is needed to be a success in this field and that can be obtained through reading. In your leisure time, you can read farm-related materials, magazines, blog posts, etc., to gain knowledge related to farming. This knowledge obtained from reading can then be practiced on the farm, making it easier to function properly.
  4. Volunteering: After reading or gaining theoretical knowledge from various means, volunteering becomes the next line of action to practice what you have learned. During breaks or holidays, you can volunteer to work at a farm, an agricultural organization, etc., to practice whatever you may have learned theoretically and gain experience. Volunteering is wide and can be done in whatever way you wish, so long as it is related to farming.
  5. Bonsai: Bonsai is the cultivation of plants but in a container. It is an ancient Japanese practice of cultivating plants for spiritual and decorative purposes. As a hobby related to farming, you can grow a bonsai plant for beautification. It is one way to practice farming, watching, and following closely as to how plants are grown and maintained.
  6. Plant Collecting: You can explore the natural world by collecting plants for cultivation, study and research, beautification, and as a hobby. Plant collecting familiarizes you with different plant species, their natural habitats, and survival. It is a relaxing hobby with benefits in plant identification and study.
  7. Fishing: Fishing is a wonderful hobby related to farming that presents an opportunity for stress relief and relaxation between friends and family. Fishing helps you with how to handle fish, identify them, and take care of them. To fish well, you need to have information on how to treat and care for a fish, etc. The knowledge gained from fishing is adequate to work in or start your own fishing farm.
  8. Photography and Videography: Align your love for the lens with your love for farming by capturing and editing videos related to the industry. From your plants to livestock animals to your farm work processes, and any other activity on the farm, you can take and edit beautiful pictures that highlight your good job or career in farming.
  9. Writing: If you are someone with adequate knowledge of farming or someone with enough experience, then you can convey your thoughts to people by writing farming-related articles. You can start a blog, publish a book, write for a magazine, etc. Through writing, you can own a large online following of people waiting to learn from you and your experiences.
  10. DIY Projects: In your leisure time, you can engage in DIY projects to ease solve problems quickly and efficiently. Knowing how to DIY will always come in handy in farming, especially in livestock farming.

Other hobbies related to farming include;

  • Tourism
  • Aqua scaping
  • Herbalism
  • Foraging
  • Arts and crafts
  • Camping
  • Caving
  • Birdwatching
  • Walking
  • Pet training
  • Hunting
  • Beekeeping
  • Preserving and Canning
  • Raising Chickens
  • Raising goats
  • Horse riding
  • Sewing

Hobbies related to farming are those activities engaged in during your leisure time that are affiliated with farming, either directly or indirectly. These hobbies, when engaged in, increase your knowledge and experience in farming. They can be included in your CV, creating an advantage over others with little or no experience. These hobbies can also be engaged by those in search of hobbies related to farming but are not necessarily looking for a career therein. Whoever you are, you can go through the list, pick one hobby that interests you, and have a fantastic time of learning and relaxation

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