Knowing the right words and attitude to successfully convince a person to purchase your brand can be tricky. It requires skill and experience to get the attention of prospective buyers and the right means of communication. Sales is every activity that involves the exchange of goods and services in exchange for monetary value or any legal tender with customers.

Pretty simple right? Well, not really. To become a successful salesperson, you are required to possess persuasion skills, emotional intelligence, good communication skills, etc. Now it seems like a lot of work, but it really is not. Why? Because these skills can be developed as hobbies while relaxing and having fun.

Hobbies related to Sales are activities engaged in during your leisure time that are affiliated with sales or any practice under the profession. These hobbies develop the soft and hard skills required to be successful in the profession. They also present you with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, while developing your ideas and having fun. They are also valuable in application for studies, internship opportunities, and as a means of relaxation to bond with friends and family. These hobbies related to sales include;

  1. Acting: Engaging in acting during your leisure time can help you build confidence, public speaking, and memorization skills. A good salesperson is able to convince their potential customer of the benefits of their brand, without necessarily partaking in consumption. Acting helps you with this and the ability to read the room.
  2. Traveling: Being able to relate with customers gives an extra edge in the successful sale of goods and services. Traveling helps to do that. Traveling gives you exposure to various global practices, customs, cultures, and traditions which can help build a fruitful interaction and in time, a relationship between you and your customer.
  3. Reading: There is always something new to learn in sales. Every now and then, there are new methods, mediums, techniques, and platforms to boost sales, and reading helps you get acclimatized with them. Get new insights and gain knowledge related to sales through reading in your leisure time. You can also read other items like novels and entertaining articles for relaxation.
  4. Exercise and Fitness: Staying physically healthy and in shape boosts your confidence level, which is important in sales. Engage in exercises, fitness routines, and healthy eating to keep looking splendid. One thing is for sure, nobody will ignore a good-looking salesperson. Catch their attention with your aura and sell!
  5. Volunteering: Volunteering in a profession like sales holds multiple benefits. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to learn, grow, gain experience, and network. It is like a professional school to learn from experts and connect with like-minded people from various backgrounds.
  6. Bird watching: You are probably wondering what this hobby is doing on this list. Well, skills related to sales can be built from various activities. In the case of bird watching, you get to build observational and research skills which are valuable to sales as a profession. Being observational and doing research on your target audience makes it easier to pitch your products, as you will get to relate them to their needs.
  7. Karaoke: All work and no play, makes Jack a… You know the rest. Karaoke is a wonderful way to chill and have fun while expressing yourself and building valuable skills in sales. This hobby makes you confident and teaches you how to step out of your comfort zone to do your thing. You should be able to face the crowd in sales, and karaoke is just the right hobby to help you with that.
  8. Yoga: As we mentioned earlier, emotional intelligence is paramount to being a successful salesperson. Engaging in yoga during your leisure time helps with your mental health. It helps to relieve stress and tension, to act appropriately under pressure, and to interact properly with customers empathically. Yoga puts you in control of your emotions and environment at large.
  9. Arts and Creativity: You need to be able to constantly come up with creative ways to sell your ideas, products, and services. This is where the arts come in. Engaging in artistic activities like painting, drawing, singing, etc., increases your creativity. Learn to express your ideas through various forms and improve your brand creatively. Arts add color to sales as a profession.
  10. Social Media: In the world we live in today, sales and marketing have now gone digital and are being carried out online. Getting familiar with sales and promotion tools on social media platforms in your leisure time makes it easy to reach a wider target audience. Through social media, you can become a global salesperson, learning about your customers, interacting with them, and gaining insights on how to successfully sell your products to them. Social media breaches the gap between a salesman and his customers and creates ease in getting feedback and complaints to increase product or service quality.

Other hobbies related to sales;

  • Team sports
  • Gaming
  • Collecting
  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Vlogging
  • Content creation
  • Window-shopping

Hobbies related to sales are leisure activities that improve valuable skills to the profession while creating an atmosphere for fun and relaxation. These hobbies do not apply only to salespersons or aspiring salespersons, but anybody interested in sales can engage in them. They can be included in your CV, and if properly developed, these hobbies can create money-making opportunities.


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