Every field of study, regardless of the interests they pursue, is rooted in teaching. The teaching profession is not limited to any field, as it is strongly affiliated with everything that concerns learning. As a matter of fact, learning cannot be done without teachers. Teaching is a practice that is carried out in various methodologies, be it through books, physical classes, actions, experiences, etc.

The role of teachers in society at large cannot be over-emphasized, they act as the guiding hands that lead people into their passion. Informally, teaching is a way to pass down ideas and culture from one generation to another. This further iterates that teaching is a tool used to preserve the history of man, relay experiences, and prevent the repetition of past mistakes.

The vast nature of teaching makes it a profession that thrives on hobbies. For those looking at a career in teaching, how your leisure time is spent has a direct or indirect impact on your career. Your skill set, personal development, mental stability, and physical fitness are necessary to grow as a teacher or individual interested in teaching.

Due to the necessity of hobbies in this profession, we have curated in this article some of the valuable hobbies related to teaching that guarantee relaxation and learning. Whether you are looking to grow your career, or you are on the search for hobbies that can help your application into a teaching school, this article is for you.

Read through the following hobby ideas, and pick a couple that interests you and resonates with your passion. Grow your skills and acquire valuable knowledge.

  1. Reading: You guessed right. Reading is one valuable hobby related to teaching that cannot be sidelined. Reading equips you with adequate knowledge, to be able to educate others. It keeps you up to date with the latest events on different subjects and how to better communicate them.
  2. Volunteering: You can volunteer in different organizations or as a service to the community, to educate students in your leisure time for free. This way, you are contributing your quota to making quality education popular. Volunteering provides you with the experience needed to further your teaching career or boost your personal skills.
  3. Yoga and Meditation: Being a teacher requires a certain level of mental control, as well as emotional strength. And this can be achieved through practicing yoga. Yoga increases mental clarity, calmness, and body awareness, releases tension, and relaxes the mood. It aids the control of emotions and sharpens focus. In other words, yoga is the secret to being mentally fit as a teacher.
  4. Research: Research and study are essential to building your portfolio as a renowned teacher. Having in-depth knowledge of objects and ideas makes it easier to be taught, explained, or conveyed. Research enables you to gather and process adequate data to buttress your points while teaching or lecturing.
  5. Social Media Content Creation: In this present time with technology, teaching is not confined to the four walls of a classroom and has since extended to the streets of social media. As a hobby, you can create audio-visual content for virtual audiences on social media like YouTube, TikTok, etc, teaching extensively on various subjects.
  6. Sports and Exercise: Being a teacher does not limit your world to just learning, carrying out research, and teaching. You also need to have a healthy life to facilitate the proper execution of your duties as a teacher. Sports and exercise lower the rate of stress and anxiety, and enhance leadership skills like confidence, empowerment, empathy, etc. All of which are valuable to being a teacher.
  7. Gaming: What better way is there to relieve stress, than gaming? Video games, board games, outdoor games, whatever it is, they all achieve the same objective of relief from stress and tension. Have some fun, lighten up, and bond with friends and family through gaming.
  8. Public Speaking: Public speaking goes hand in hand with teaching and lecturing. Constantly, you will have to stand in front of people to teach and relate ideas, and that can only be done if you possess excellent public speaking skills. Grow your public speaking skills during your leisure time because effective communication is pivotal to teaching.
  9. Travel: During holidays or breaks, you can travel around to learn, explore, and be educated by various experts in different fields of study. You can take trips to educational conferences, trips to the museum, archaeology sites, etc. Traveling brings exposure to new people, and new things, exposure that will come in handy as a teacher.
  10. Teach and take online courses: Learn new subject matters and explore new topics of interest during your leisure time by taking online certification courses. Certification obtained from these classes may end up being the breakthrough your career needs. You can also teach and sell courses online via different platforms like Udemy, etc.

Other hobbies related to teaching include;

  • Writing
  • Computer programming
  • Journaling
  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Camping
  • Learning a new language
  • Podcast

As we mentioned earlier, these hobbies combine fun and relaxation with learning. Find one that interests you and engage in that hobby that could change your life and career forever.

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