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The debate topic you choose for your debate presentation is what will spice up your audience’s interest. The best way of choosing a debate topic is picking one from the most debated topics that will be listed as we proceed. Please take a look at our previous post on good debate topics and controversial debate topics.

Firstly, what are the best debate topics, and what should be considered before choosing a debate topic? When choosing a debate topic, consider the following:

  1. Avoid topics that have no significance or impact on society.
  2. Avoid generic topics that will take too much of your time on researching for points of argument.
  3. Consider the purpose of why the debate is organized.
  4. Consider the vital points you want your listeners to take away.
  5. Ask yourself these three questions: Who are my listeners? What kind of conversation do they like listening to? What are their social, cultural, and demographic backgrounds?. Work with these questions in mind.
  6. Avoid very common debate topics because the interest in such might have lost test since they have been used often. There are most debated topics listed below that are very interesting, so go for them.
  7. Avoid being Boring: This still calls for choosing an interesting topic. To avoid being boring in your presentation, read to the end to see the tips to become a better debater.


This is the list of most debated topics

  1. Men are better Citizens than women
  2. Which is the best: to be honest and remain poor or to be dishonest and become rich?
  3. Social media impacts on children negatively than it does positively
  4. Anyone who kills should be killed.
  5. Studying Science is better than Art.
  6. Women belong to the kitchen
  7. The world can survive without Technologies.
  8. Citizens properties should be owned by governments
  9. Which is the best, school or talent?
  10. It is better to be a follower than a leader.
  11. Can violence be eradicated completely in a country?
  12. Good economics is good politics.
  13. Can Poverty be eradicated completely in the world?
  14. Bribery can be justified in some cases
  15. Women should not be allowed to rule.
  16. Women belong to the kitchen
  17. Indecent dressing in schools should attract dismissal
  18. Fighting sports should be banned
  19. porn sites should be banned
  20. Do movies educate or spoil kids
  21. Robotics should be used for labour rather than humans
  22. should there be a separate school for boy and girls
  23. College and University students should have specific uniforms
  24. The Internet is of more disadvantages than advantages.
  25. Divorce in marriage should be banned
  26. Can the school teach us everything, or Are we to learn everything in school?


How to be a very good debater

  • Maintain proper posture: you can use your hands and gestures while expressing thoughts. Your natural gestures and posture express how much confidence you have.
  • Be audible in Speaking: Speaking loudly and clear will help the moderators to hear your points of argument and will also tell how well prepared you are for the debate. So make sure you strive to present Clear and audible argumentation.
  • Maintain eye contact: This will help you to be more focused without shying away. So you don’t have to look at your teacher or somewhere in the distance at all times. But instead, maintain eye contact with opponents.
  • Be very calm: Don’t get nervous, even if you’ve forgotten something. Restate your main argument and start again. Don’t rush in stating your arguments. Take your time and make your points heard so that they can be taken note of.
  • Concentrate on your idea Concentrate on your statement, don’t switch ideas that make you or your opponents lose track of the argument. Let your argument be unique and key to the subject of argument.
  • Maintain order: Present your arguments in an orderly fashion, just as you planned during preparations. And let your argument be formal.
  • Take Chance: If you have the opportunity, listen to your opponents when they are presenting their ideas, and write down their major arguments so you can oppose them on their key argument. This should only be done constructive and should be base on your ability. If you can afford to do this, then I will recommend you don’t try it to avoid conflicting with your already crammed facts and arguments.
  • Be very polite: Avoid yelling, particularly for silencing opponents.

Finally, if the topic you choose doesn’t have enough sources or vital points to present a valid and interesting point of argument, then avoid it. At first, start by storming your brain and then, you can pick up like 3 different topics and make research on them, then the ones that have much data and valid points of argument should be picked.

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