Do you wish to know the basic computer skills for students and job seekers?. In this present computer age, almost all students are required to acquire some basic computer skills, and likewise job seekers. So many companies now require their staff to have basic computer skills.

Truth is, the basic computer skills don’t involve knowing everything about the computer but you are required to at least, these basic skills to carry out some simple computer tasks. So, therefore, I will be listing out the basic computer skills for students and job seekers to acquire for a better future in the job market.

I will start by listing out the basic computer skills for students and then, list the basic computer skills for job seekers. It is very important to acquire these skills listed below if you want to be different from your peers.

Basic computer skills for students:

The internet: This includes, learning how to conduct Internet searches on google and on other search engines. Learn how to surf the net accurately. Some of the most important internet skills to acquire include:

  • Learning how to connect your computer to the internet.
  • Taking online classes
  • Online Communication
  • Streaming videos online (especially tutorial videos)
  • Performing an internet search and using www search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.
  • Learn how to create online accounts.
  • Learn how to create an Email

Acquire Basic Computer Knowledge: These skills include the skills that don’t require the internet. They are skills to be learned from your computer functionalities. Such skills include:

  • Start by learning how to start and shut the computer
  • How to use Msword (Miscrosoftword), Excel, and other important Microsoft programs.
  • Typing speed: Learn how to type with speed.
  • Learn how to install and uninstall simple software to the computer.
  • Learn the basic computer keyboard shortcuts keys.
  • Also, learn how to save, delete, and restore files and documents.
  • Learn how to run and solve some computer diagnosis
  • Also, learn how to copy and paste documents.
  • Finally, learn how to use some basic computer software.

Google Learning Portal: Learn how to use the google online classroom and also, how to find simple assignment solutions via the online learning portals.

Social Media: It is also important to learn how to use social media and also have an idea of the negativity and positivity in using social media, how to use the social media for a better influence (especially for learning)

Basic Computer Skills for Job Seekers

Below are the basic computer skills for job seekers to acquire so as to stand a better chance to get a job that involves computer operation.

  • Data entries: Learn how to run data entry programs like excel. Many companies use this almost all the time to enter data.
  • Msword: Learn how to type, and design on Microsoft word,
  • Identifying computer components: know the basic computer components and how they function.
  • Troubleshooting and power damage management: Know what to do when a computer develops some common running problems and know how to troubleshoot it and also know what to do if the power source the computer develops faults that may damage the system.
  • Security: Learn how to password, set user’s time limit, and password files and documents to restricting unauthorized users from accessing certain files.
  • Starting the computer: This should be the first of them all, learn how to start and shut and computer, how to run a computer program start menu, and how to navigate between menus on the computer.
  • Computer properties information: This includes how to check the computer’s operating systems, installed programs, driven programs, storage space (both RAM and ROM), the processor, etc.
  • Know how to carry out some basic computer functionalities like maximizing or minimizing, closing windows, closing software, moving, running multiple programs at a time, drag and drop, resizing, copying and pasting, cutting a document, temporary and permanent deleting of files and documents, how to restore deleted documents or files, setting desktop icons for each program, managing a program from the taskbar, creating a desktop shortcut, closing programs, using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Printing: Learn how to print documents from the computer or from the internet. Understand the basic printing functionalities like setting size, format, connecting to a printer, managing the print queue, and how to preview before printing.
  • Internet: Learn how to; connect the computer to the internet, how to create, draft, send and open emails, bookmark a webpage, use a search engine effectively, copy from the internet and paste on your computer, download from the Internet, stop a loading page, refresh a page, create online accounts, secure your computer from internet spam, brute, and damage from virus and how to use social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for business purposes.

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