Only those who don’t know how profitable fashion design courses will be in Nigeria in a few years from now will still feel reluctant to study the course. Honestly, that era of “I want to study Engineering, I want to study Medicine, I want to study law” and so on, is gradually coming to an end.

Check it out yourself!! Oil companies are no more employed in numbers as they use to do before. Lawyers are gradually moving away to trades and businesses and medical personnel are still looking at the government for employment.

As a fashion designer, who will you wait to employ? You employ yourself immediately after you graduate and become the boss of yourself, manage your time your way and wait for no salaries but earn daily and this is what fashion design courses in Nigeria can do for you.

Fashion design is gaining ground in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. Celebrities are flaunting different designer clothes and they want more of it. How about you becoming the person that will bring out the next latest fashion in town? Do you think a fashion design course in Nigeria won’t make way for you?

Well, if all you have been thinking of was Engineering, medicine, law, accounting, microbiology, political science and so on, then I kindly want to call you home and give you a better career that will be profitable to you today, tomorrow and in the future.

What can you make out of any fashion design course?
If the only reason you didn’t pick up a fashion design course was that you were thinking of what you can make out of such courses, then your problem has been solved already.

Here are some of the best you can make out of fashion design courses in Nigeria:
As a Fashion designer, you create clothing, accessories, and footwear. Fashion Designers can be grouped into Fashion associates, Fashion Designer and Fashion stylists.

  • Where can you Work: You can be self-employed employed or Hired. Fashion Designers mostly work in clothing manufacturing companies, wholesale and retail clothing establishments, apparel companies, theatre or dance Make up companies, design firms and ceremonial organizing Firms.
  • Salary and Wages Expectations: The Average annual wages/salary for a fashion designer is around (N30,280,000) depending on where you work.
  • Job Opportunities: Self-Employment, Employed, Hiring, Contracting etc.


How to become an outstanding Fashion Designer in Nigeria.

They are many top fashion designers in Nigeria already, right? So are you worried about how you can stand out and outrank them? If yes, then count on Fatherprada’s guide. If you want to stand out from the rest in a fashion designing career in Nigeria, then do the following as early as possible:

  1. Explore: Models are looking for new outfits. So explore and give them their test and I promise you, you will be valued like money.
  2. Avoid imitation: There will no much speciality about you if you repeat what people have been doing excellently already. So explore.
  3. Be Unique: Have you ever thought of how special it will be for someone to walk up to your client and say “this clothe must be designed by (your company name)” even without being told? That is what describes uniqueness. Let your style tell me about you.
  4. Act Fast: The client hates receiving excuses like “sorry, I was unable to complete your work”. That’s a silly excuse that voluntarily helps you drive away your customers at a twinkle of an eye.
  5. Be trustworthy: How about a situation where a customer comes around and misplaces his or her bunch of cash in your shop and you discover it and keep it for the person? Don’t you think that alone will buy such a person heart? Apart from that, you have to be trustworthy in all aspects of your career.
  6. Availability: Let your customers see you whenever they need you. Deliver to them whenever they need it. Don’t care to deliver to their home if only that will please them. You are after the money and they are after your service.
  7. Coach them: You are your client’s beauty. Teach them how to look better and gorgeous, teach them how to dress corporately. Suggest new styles for them. Try this and thank me later.
  8. Be simple and kind: Give out free stuff to your customers for patronizing you. In fact, render some service to them and refuse to charge them (you can call it a bonanza if you wish) I promise you, you gonna buy more hearts.

This is the list of available fashion design courses in Nigeria

 Diploma in Fashion Design Degrees:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
  • Fashion Accessory
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Ornamentation
  • Textile Science
  • Product Specification
  • Pattern Making and Garment Construction
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Fashion Merchandising and Management
  • Fashion Marketing and Management

For example, these are the courses under Fashion and Apparel Design (Diploma);

  • Foundation Art
  • Fashion And Apparel Design Fundamentals
  • Elements & Principles of Fashion & Apparel Design
  • History Of The Western World Fashion
  • Introduction – Fashion Design
  • Introduction To Textiles
  • Basic Of Computer And Application
  • Creative Yarn Craft
  • Introduction To Fashion Illustration
  • Creative Embroidery
  • Sewing Technology
  • Fashion Design: Introduction To Pattern Making
  • Introduction Garment Manufacturing Technology
  • Introduction To Draping
  • Textile Science Processing (Dyeing And Printing)
  • Advanced CAD For Fashion And Textiles
  • Garment Manufacturing, History Of Indian Fashion
  • Advanced Course In Fashion Illustration
  • Vintage Costumes
  • History Of Western World Fashion
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fabric Testing And Quality Control
  • Advanced Course In Fashion And Apparel Design
  • Visual Merchandising,
  • Production Management And Merchandising
  • Fashion Analysis, Global Markets
  • Fashion Business Management

Post Graduate (PG) Diploma Fashion Design Degrees;

  • Fashion Design Process
  • Visualisation and Presentation Techniques
  • Contextual design studies and Communication
  • Fashion Form and Function
  • Traditional Textiles & Crafts
  • Business Studies & Entrepreneurship


What You Should take Away
Fashion design courses in Nigeria will be one of the sought courses in the nearest future. So you can’t afford to miss out on the list of the top designers in the coming years. Kindly work hard on building a career instead of building a certificate that will end up under the pillow. Be the boss of yourself and enjoy the freedom of self-employment.

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