Do you need good debate topics for your debating club? If yes, then here is the list of the best debate topics for all sorts of debates. We provide these debate topics to students and teachers looking for good topics to use for their debates.

Choosing good debate topics for your debate gives room for interesting and meaningful debate presentation. Whether you are participating in high school class discussion or a school club dialogue, all you need to make your debate presentation very interesting and meaningful is choosing a good debate topic that interests the audience and before I list out good debates topics, let me show you a few points of how to be a good debater.

How to be a very good debater

Maintain proper posture: you can use your hands and gestures while expressing thoughts. Your natural gestures and posture express how much confidence you have.

  • Be audible in Speaking: Speaking loudly and clear will help the moderators to hear your points of argument and will also tell how well prepared you are for the debate. So make sure you strive to present clear and audible argumentation.
  • Maintain eye contact: This will help you to be more focused without shying away. So you don’t have to look at your teacher or somewhere in the distance at all times. But instead, maintain eye contact with opponents.
  • Be very calm: Don’t get nervous, even if you’ve forgotten something. Restate your main argument and start again. Take your time and make your points heard so that they can be taken note of.
  • Concentrate on your idea Concentrate on your statement, don’t switch ideas that make you or your opponents lose track of the argument. Let your argument be unique and key to the subject of argument.
  • Maintain order: Present your arguments in an orderly fashion, just as you planned during preparations and let your argument be formal.
  • Take Chance: If you have the opportunity, listen to your opponents when they are presenting their ideas, and write down their major arguments so you can oppose them on their key argument. This should only be done constructive and should be base on your ability. If you can afford to do this, then I will recommend you don’t try it to avoid conflicting with your ready-made facts and arguments.
  • Be very polite: Avoid yelling, particularly for silencing opponents.


These are the list of the good debate topics

  1. Are single-sex schools better for students?
  2. Should the age for drinking alcohol be raised?
  3. Should School uniforms be abolished?
  4. Is paying of tax to the government fair or not?
  5. Do video games promote violence?
  6. Should an embryo be considered a person?
  7. Should rapists face a death penalty?
  8. Should a person that kills be killed?
  9. Can alternative energy replace fossil fuels?
  10. Should parents make the decision about career choice for their children?
  11. Is sex education for teens advisable?
  12. Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports since they are hard-drugs?
  13. Should the government legalize prostitution?
  14. Are social media sites of good or harmful to teens?
  15. Should the distinction between males and females be allowed in sports?
  16. Should girls be allowed to play all sports?
  17. Is football a dangerous game?
  18. Is cricket better than netball?
  19. What is the best sport?
  20. Do multinationals cause more harm than good to the national economy?
  21. Should job recruiters be allowed to ask questions about an applicant’s marital status, age, religion, or immigration status?
  22. Is an MBA degree worth its cost?
  23. Should men be given more time off for paternity leave?
  24. Should we strive for equal representation of male and female leaders in the workplace?
  25. Should companies be forced to provide healthcare service to full-time employees?`
  26. Should same-sex marriage be legalized?
  27. Should Phone be allowed at school?
  28. Should prostitution be legalized in the country?
  29. Can religion make people happy?
  30. All people should have the right to own guns.
  31. The death penalty should be abolished.
  32. Human cloning should be legalized.
  33. All drugs should be legalized.
  34. Animal testing should be banned.
  35. Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults.
  36. Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today.
  37. Violent video games should be banned.
  38. The minimum wage should be $15 per hour.
  39. All people should have a Universal Basic Income.
  40. Sex work should be legal.
  41. Countries should be isolationist.
  42. Abortion should be banned.
  43. Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service.
  44. Bottled water should be banned.
  45. Plastic bags should be banned.
  46. Homework should be banned.
  47. Public prayer should not be allowed in schools.
  48. Schools should block sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on their computers.
  49. School uniforms should be required.
  50. Standardized testing should be abolished.
  51. All students should have an after-school job or internship.
  52. School should be in session year-round.
  53. All high school athletes should be drug tested.
  54. Detention should be abolished.
  55. All student loan debt should be eliminated.
  56. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  57. All schools should have armed security guards.
  58. Religion should be taught in schools.
  59. All schools should be private schools.
  60. All students should go to boarding schools.
  61. Sexual education should be mandatory in schools.
  62. Public schools should be free.
  63. All teachers should get tenure.
  64. All school districts should offer school vouchers.
  65. Healthcare should be universal.
  66. Cosmetic procedures should be covered by health insurance.
  67. All people should be vegetarians.
  68. Euthanasia should be banned.
  69. The drinking age should be 18.
  70. Vaping should be banned.
  71. Smoking should be banned in all public places.
  72. People should be legally required to get vaccines.
  73. Should Obesity be labelled as a disease?
  74. Sexual orientation is determined at birth.
  75. The sale of human organs should be legalized.  
  76. Birth control should be for sale over the counter.
  77. Social media has improved human communication.
  78. The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity.
  79. Individuals should own their own DNA.
  80. Humans should invest in technology to explore and colonize other planets.
  81. Governments should invest in alternative energy sources.
  82. Net neutrality should be restored.
  83. Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels.
  84. Cell phone radiation is dangerous and should be limited.

Those were the good debate topics for all debaters to choose form. Like I said before, choosing a good topic for your debate gives a better room for an interesting and meaningful debate presentation. So always choose an interesting debate topic when embarking on a debate.

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