You can easily grow your digital knowledge, and also boost your CV with the “Google for education training”. Learning will never stop because dedicated educators are lifetime learners. For this reason, Google had made it more comfortable for online educational training through the Google for Education training program.

What is Google for education?
Google for education is a newly introduced professional Education Certified Coach program that helps instructional coaches, trainers, and teachers to become more effective in their practice and profession in terms of classroom approaches. This platform is simply the best, free-to-explore technology training tool, and resources for educators.

Essay steps to Google for education training:
With the free Google for education tool and platform, you will be able to explore your full potential for free at the comfort of your home. The simple approach to getting trained with Google for education training is as simple as:
Train with by an expert: All you need to do is to easily certify professional trainer and development partner within your area, and schedule, either a person to person training or virtual training and support.
Google Teacher Center: The Google teacher centre is for the training of teachers. The Google for Education’s Teacher Center is a free, and interactive online teaching platform with a drawn-out curriculum created by educators for educators.
The tool has a very simple and easy to use platform. So whether one is comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom or, maybe want to get started with using technology in class, then there are also numerous courses that can take you through and expand learning at all levels.

AVAILABLE courses in Google for Training Programme
The Google for education course has two basic levels of training which are; fundamentals training and advanced training.

Fundamental Training: The fundamental training level is for those that are new to Google training tool. With the fundamental training, you will be able to learn the best strategies which will be fully integrated efficiently in your classroom.
Advanced Training: Advanced training is a course that moves beyond the fundamentals. This level teaches cutting-edge strategies that help in bringing Google to your school.

Google Education Certification
All you need to get certified for undergoing the training is to join the ranks of other Google Certified Educators around the world and earn some credits for your technical skills, and also become a trainer for your peers, by using what you learned to help design creative solutions for classrooms problems everywhere.

Getting started: Start free Google for education training here

Why use Google for education tools?
The benefits of using Google for education free tools are much. But some of the most important benefits of using this free Google tool is that it will help you to:

  1. Learn basic and advanced skills with free online training courses designed for educators across all levels.
  2. Distinguish yourself as an educator among other educators and demonstrate mastery in your career with a Google mastery certificate.
  3. Take your professional expertise to a higher level.
  4. Comfortable use Google tools to train and prepare your students in the classroom.
  5. Engage your students with free lesson scheduled plans, and curricula.
  6. Find and connect with other educators around the world to collaborate, learn and share with.
  7. Explore and use classroom Google classroom resources for free. Such resources include lesson plans, courses, videos, and more.
  8. Dive deeper into the world of Google for Education and gain more recognition for your profession.
  9. Lastly, these courses are approved by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

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