When you take a good look at those who dropouts and still went ahead to succeed, you will agree with me that degrees are not always necessary to achieve financial success. The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to graduate from college to start your career.

Though, there are many jobs available to those who drop out of college (or never attend at all). whether you are already a dropout or considering dropping out, it’s important to take several things into consideration. Knowing what to expect as a dropout helps you better prepare for your future

Frankly speaking, graduating from college presents you with several job opportunities, however, you can still have a lucrative career as a college dropout. Below is the list of jobs for college drops. Remember to choose a job wisely. It is often advised that a college drop should for job-related to their skills or at least learn a new skill.

82 Realistic Jobs For University/College Dropouts

  1. Affiliate Marketer
  2. Air Traffic Controller
  3. Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician
  4. Automotive Mechanic
  5. Bingo Manager
  6. Blockchain Developer
  7. Blog Writer
  8. Bookkeeper/ In-house accounting
  9. Brick Mason
  10. CRM Marketing Expert
  11. Cable Supervisor
  12. Claims Adjuster:
  13. Club Promoter
  14. Commercial Pilot
  15. Computer Programmer
  16. Content Creator
  17. Copywriter
  18. Course Creation Consultant
  19. Crane Operator
  20. Data Analytics
  21. Dog Trainer
  22. Electrician
  23. Elevator Mechanic
  24. Email Marketing Expert
  25. Emergency Medical Technician
  26. Equipment operator
  27. Ethical Hacker
  28. Firefighter
  29. Flight Services Manager
  30. Funeral Services Manager
  31. Google Analytics Specialist
  32. Graphic Designer
  33. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
  34. Information Technology Technician
  35. Insurance Agent
  36. Landscape Architect
  37. Lead Carpenter
  38. Locksmith and Safe Repairer
  39. Lodging Manager
  40. Margin Department Supervisor
  41. Marketing Funnel Developer
  42. Massage Therapist
  43. Military
  44. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  45. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
  46. Occupational Therapy Assistant and Aide
  47. Office Manager
  48. Online Business Advisor
  49. Online Teacher
  50. Personal Trainer
  51. Pharmacy Technician
  52. Photographer
  53. Pile Driver Operator
  54. Plumber
  55. Podcast Editor
  56. Police Officer
  57. Pool Servicer
  58. Postal Service Worker
  59. Power Line Installer and Repairer
  60. Predictive Analytics
  61. Production Assistant
  62. Project Manager
  63. Radiologic and MRI Technologist
  64. Railroad Jobs
  65. Real Estate Agent/Broker
  66. Respiratory Therapist
  67. Rotary Drill Operator
  68. Sales Representative
  69. Search Engine Optimizer
  70. Social Media Advertiser
  71. Social Media Strategist
  72. Software Engineer
  73. Solar Installer
  74. Sommelier
  75. Truck Driver
  76. UX Designer
  77. Vacation Rental Manager
  78. Video Game Developer
  79. Videographer
  80. Virtual Assistant
  81. Waste Disposal Personnel
  82. Wedding Planner

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