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Don't keep quiet about your issue. Remember, a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Fatherprada has helped many students, he can help you too.

Get help! Top-notch student Go-to person for counseling. Yes, counseling offers you the opportunity to talk about admission, career, or other problems that are either causing you distress or interfering with your functioning. Fatherprada is a counselor who can respond to your concerns in an objective and non-judgmental manner. Chatting with Fatherprada is a unique opportunity in that it provides a safe avenue for you to speak freely and get a quick and profound solution.

Who is Fatherprada?

High Quality Guide

Fatherprada is experienced, thoroughly vetted by experts, and have a proven track record of producing excellent counselling.

Safe and trusted

Fatherprada's focus is on how to help students. Your identity remains anonymous and safe. Get help with issues and succeed.

Listening ears

Every student has a unique problem. Fatherprada's counseling is tailored to meet the needs of each student

Do you need help with one of these?

Subject Combination
The right subject combination is a major issue. And we have helped more than 3000 students.

Choosing a Course
Choosing the right course is a major problem for many students but with the right counseling, you will be better than those who choose based on sentiment.

Exam Preparation
No student has ever come in contact with Fatherprada regarding this issue and not succeed. We strive for student success.

Dealing Carryover
Carryover is a major issue with undergraduates in Nigerian universities. If you are dealing with one, talk to Fatherprada about it.

Career Counselling
With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, a career guide is inevitable for undergraduates and graduates.

Learning Difficulties
If you are facing difficulties in learning, we can help you by channeling you on the right path to success in your academics.

How to request for counselling

1. Place a request

We made everything easy. From the counseling form below, choose the issue you want to receive advice, suggestions, or counseling on and select the mode of communication.

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2. Make Payment

After step 1, Make sure your information are correct. Proceed and click the PAY button below the Counselling form. If your payment is successful, your Counselling request will be submitted to Fatherprada automatically.

Fee: ₦1,000

3. Wait For Feedback

After payment, sit back and relax. Fatherprada will contact you within 10 minutes through the mode of communication you have chosen.

If you want to pay via other means, contact Fatherprada through

Counseling fee

Is the counseling fee expensive? Well, Fatherprada offers low-cost counseling; an advantage to students. Moreover, the least other counselors will charge you may cost N10,000 per hour/session. Fatherprada only charges you once and converse with you until you overcome the challenge. All he wants is to help students succeed.

Miss Juliet Ossai

“His counseling has been very productive. My siblings who were having difficulties choosing a course to study have finally chosen one. This would not have been possible without Fatherprada's help.”

Miss Josephine

“Fatherprada has been helping since my 300 level Nursing in AAU, I am in 500 level now. Anytime I have a challenge, I chat him up. He always has the right counseling for any issue I encountered.”

Over 10,000 parents and students trust

Fatherprada's counseling

Failure is a choice!

100% Success Guaranteed

Fatherprada is committed to your success and always does the best to ensure you achieve your goals. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

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