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If you are planning to give birth, then you need prayer for the protection of the baby during child delivery. Pregnancy is a time of great excitement, joy and anticipation, often mixed with apprehension and anxiety over giving birth and the difficulties involved in carrying another person for nine months!

Pray this prayer fervently to strengthen your faith and keep you strong as you are about to give birth. We encourage you to pray this prayer every day, especially during the last months of your pregnancy, praying in faith believing that the God of safe delivery is already working for you.

13 Powerful Prayers for a Safe Delivery

Gen. 3:16 – Where there is mercy, judgement is of no effect. Oh Lord, remove pain and bitterness from my pregnancy and delivery in Jesus’s name.

Exo. 1:19 – Oh Lord, make my body like the body of the Hebrew women. Let my delivery be a surprise to midwives in Jesus’s name.

I declare that any contrary power that does not want me to give birth successfully but die during child labour and delivery, they shall die my death, in the name of Jesus

Exo. 21:22 – I reject any occurrence that will cause me to give birth prematurely in Jesus’s name.

1 Sam. 4:19 – I bound every negative news during my pregnancy and childbirth in Jesus’s name.

2 Kings 19:3 – I prophesied concerning my life that I am empowered to deliver safely in Jesus’s name.

Job 39:1 – Oh Lord, make the day and time of my baby delivery a mystery to all adversaries of my pregnancy in Jesus’s name.

Job 42:2 – Oh Lord, I know that You can do everything. Let me deliver safely without operation in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 22:10 – Oh Lord, I dedicate my baby to you today. Let my baby be yours even from my womb in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 29:9 – Oh Lord, through your word the deer gave birth, therefore, I shall also give birth safely and there will be a shout of “glory” in the church because of me in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 66:7 – I prophesied into my life that before I labour, I will give birth and before my pain comes, I will deliver in Jesus’s name.

Luke 1:14 – I speak a word of faith to my baby in the womb today that you will have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at your birth in Jesus’s name.

John 9:1 – I prophesied that I shall not deliver a defective baby in Jesus’s name.

John 16:21 – Oh Lord, there shall be no complications during and after delivery. Let joy quickly replace delivery pains in Jesus’s name.

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