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The fruit of the womb is a reward. Children are an incomparable blessing from God – they give more joy than we can imagine. The patriarchs of Israel and their wives understood that children were a reward from God. Leah recognized her children as a gift from God (Gen. 29:31-35). Rachel recognized her children as a gift from God (Gen. 30:22-24).

Are you barren? God is still on the throne. You were created to flourish. God has good thoughts and plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). His thoughts and plans for us are for us to be fruitful, to multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 1:28). No wonder He says in His word that none shall be barren in the land (Exodus 23:26).

Below are powerful prayers points for the fruit of the womb. Remember, always give praise to God first. Come to God through praise and thanksgiving before praying these prayer points.

Prayer Points For The Fruit Of The Womb With Scripture

Gen. 1:28 – Oh Lord, your declaration at creation for mankind is to be fruitful and multiply on the earth, remove barrenness from my family in Jesus name.

Gen. 4:1,2 – It was written that the first family had their children, therefore I speak to my destiny today that I shall have mine in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 9:1,7 – Oh Lord! I claim your blessing today. I shall be fruitful and multiply in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 15:5 – The God that brought Abraham outside and promised him, his own children, take me to the place of promise and grant me, my own children, in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 17:2 – Oh Lord, make with me a covenant of multiplication today in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 18:14 – I believe that what man sees as impossible is possible for God in my life. I shall be pregnant and deliver my own baby in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 25:21 – Oh Lord, I plead with you concerning my (wife’s) body. Heal me (her) of barrenness today in Jesus’s name. Prayer for the Fruit of the Womb

Gen. 29:31 – Oh Lord, remove the cause of my barrenness today. Make me a mother this month in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 30:22 – The God that remembered Rachel, the God that listened to Rachel and the God that opened her womb, remember me today, listen to me today and open my womb today in Jesus name.

Gen. 49:25 – Oh Lord, bless me today with the blessing of the breasts and of the womb in Jesus’s name.

Exo. 23:26 – I prophesied that no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in my land and in this house, the cry of a newborn baby shall be heard in Jesus’s name.

Job 42:2 – Oh Lord, I know that you can do everything. Turn the title of mother of barrenness to mother of many children in Jesus’ name.

Psalm 29:9 – Oh Lord, speak your voice today so that my womb will be opened for pregnancy and safe delivery in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 30:8 – Jesus Christ the son of David, have mercy on me over this issue in Jesus name.

Psalm 31:4 – Oh Lord, pull me out of the net of barrenness in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 31:10 – Oh Lord, all my grief arising from barrenness has been nailed to the cross from today. It is now my turn to carry my babies in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 31:11 – All reproach of barrenness in my life shall come to an end this month in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 31:21 – I declare that I shall see the marvellous works of God for a good child in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 31:22 – Oh Lord, do not judge me by the measure of my faith over my prayers. Let the rain of mercy fall on me today and open my womb in Jesus’s name.

Eccl. 11:5 – Oh Lord, make your work come alive in my life and let my womb become fertile in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 26:17 – Oh Lord, let me also have the sweet experience of labour in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 66:9 – Oh Lord, your word proclaim that you don’t shut the womb! Therefore, remove the hand that shut my womb in Jesus’s name.

2 Tim. 1:16 – Oh Lord, remember the care I have given to your servants and let it be another reason I should have mercy in Jesus’ name.


The Fruit Of The Womb Prayer Of Decreed

  • It is my set to become the joyful mother of many, so no more miscarriages in the name of Jesus
  • It is my set time to be fruitful so I walk away from every imagination and thought of barrenness in the name of Jesus
  • It is the set time for my womb to conceive so I conceive with ease in the name of Jesus
  • It is the set time for the total composition of my body and that of my husband to be divinely restructured to bring forth viable fruit in the name of Jesus
  • It is the set time for joyful cries of healthy babies to be heard in our home in the name of Jesus
  • It is my set time to become a mother and a mentor to my children
  • It is the set time for my husband to become a father and a mentor to his children
  • It is our set time to nurse and nurture our children
  • It is our set time to be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish in the name of Jesus

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