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25 prayer for open heaven with scriptures

    A prayer for victory and open heaven is a prayer that opens the heaven for divine favours, breakthrough, prosperity, peace, health, business success and good relationships. Such prayers open the flood gates of heaven open which ensure that one experiences open doors and divine victories.

    As it rains, the land will yield her increase for your turnaround, break open, breakout and breakthrough. Declare these anointed prayer points when heaven seems to be brass and the land of productivity is iron.

    25 prayer for open heaven with scriptures

    Exo. 14:21 – Oh Lord, pave way for me where there is no way. Let heaven open on my behalf as all impossibilities become possible in Jesus’s name.

    Jos. 3:15,16 – Oh Lord, because I am called by your name, all hindrances along my path shall give way today so as to quickly experience my open heaven in Jesus’s name.

    Jos. 4:5-7 – Oh Lord, let me be able to tell my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren many open heaven testimony stories in my life in Jesus’s name.

    Jos. 6:20 – I shouted with a loud voice that all the walls of Jericho that hide me away from open heaven, fall today in Jesus’s name.

    Jos. 10:14 – Just like you heeded the voice of man and you gave victory to Israel in the time of Joshua, Oh Lord, hear my voice today and let victory be established in my life in Jesus’s name.

    Jos. 21:44 – Oh Lord! Give me rest all around. Let my victory be assured so much that no enemies shall trouble me again in Jesus’s name.

    1 Sam. 7:15 – Oh Lord, I prophesied into my life that wherever I am, I am a ruler, a leader and captain of many people in Jesus’s name.

    1 Sam. 18:12 – Oh Lord, put the fear of me in the heart of all my enemies forever in Jesus’s name.

    1 Sam. 23:28 – Oh Lord! Give me total victory today. Put a permanent separation between me and my enemies today in Jesus’s name.

    2 Sam. 3:1 – Henceforth, any family that come against me shall grow weaker and weaker in Jesus’s name.

    1 Sam. 25:10,11 – Oh Lord, take away the spirit of Nabal from the heart of those who are to help me in Jesus’s name.

    2 Sam. 21:15 – Oh Lord, renew my strength. I shall not grow faint in battle in Jesus’s name.

    2 Sam. 22:35 – Oh Lord, teach my hands to be victorious in the journey of life in Jesus’s name.

    2 Sam. 22:41 – Oh Lord, give me a permanent victory over haters of my life in Jesus’s name.

    2 Sam. 21:15-17 – Oh Lord, at the point of success in the journey of my life, raise people that will come to my aid in Jesus’s name.

    Neh. 5:19 – Remember me, my God, for good and let my heaven open in Jesus’s name.

    Job 20:15 – Whoever and in any kingdom that my wealth has been swallowed, I speak with authority that with the fire of the Holy Spirit, vomit in back now in Jesus’s name.
    Job 36:22 – Oh Lord, exalt me by your mighty power today in Jesus’s name.

    Psalm 31:2 – Oh Lord, open the door of mercy for me so that I will run inside before this problem swallow me in Jesus’s name.

    Psalm 46:10 – I prophesied to my destiny that I shall be lifted mightily in Jesus’s name.

    Psalm 50:3 – Oh Lord, do not keep silent over my matter. Devour this battle (mention if identified) before me with your fire in Jesus’s name.

    Psalm 118:19 – Oh Lord, open to me the gates of righteousness so that whatever I do shall be counted to my advantage in Jesus’s name.

    Isa. 22:22 – Oh Lord, lay the key of the house of David on my shoulder so that when I open, no one can shut and when I shut, no one can open in Jesus’s name.

    Isa. 41:18 – Oh Lord, open rivers in desolate height, fountains in the midst of the valley, the pool of water in the wilderness and spring of water in the dry land of my life in Jesus’s name.

    Isa. 60:11 – I prophesied that my gates of blessing shall be open continually day and night so that people will bring wealth in procession in Jesus’s name.

    Phil. 2:27 – Oh Lord, because of me and my household, have mercy in Jesus’s name.

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