? symbol is a mark or character used as a conventional representation of a freshwater turtle. You can copy and paste anywhere. The Unicode Character for ? is U+13189

? is an animal symbol, and as such, we have listed other similar animal ? symbols that can be copied and pasted within seconds and it works perfectly on popular word processors such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Pages (word processor), Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. Simply double-click on an alphabet symbol to copy it to the clipboard and paste it anywhere.


? Symbols Copy and Paste

Animal SymbolAnimal Symbol Meaning
?Hippopotamus head
?Elephant-snout fish
?Horned viper crawling out of the enclosure
?Lying lion
?kid jumping
?Charging ox head
?Mature bovine lying down
?Bull charging
?Cow suckling calf
?Image of crocodile
?Combination of cobra
?Two cobras
??Vulture and cobra on a basket
?Combination of bee
?Fish scale
?Petrocephalus bane
?Egyptian vulture
?Combination of Egyptian vulture and sickle
?Two Egyptian vultures
?Combination of vulture and flagellum
?Combination of vulture and flagellum
?Head of vulture
?Image of falcon with two plumes
?Image of falcon
?Falcon in Sokar barque
?Falcon with sun
?Falcon on collar
?Falcon on boat
?Falcon on boat
?Falcon in basket
?Combination of falcon and flaggellum
?Two owls
?Three ducklings in pool
?Three ducklings in nest
?Bird wing
?Bird claw
?Head of spoonbill
?Head of crested bird
?Plucked bird
?Bird with bowl with smoke
?Goose picking up grain
?Bird pecking at fish
?Two plovers
?Quail chick and sickle
?Quail chick and forearm with conical loaf
?Quail chick and forearm
?Two quail chicks
?Quail chick and flat loaf
?Quail chick
?Quail chick
?Head of pintail
?Pintail alighting
?Pintail flying
?Heron on perch
?Three saddle-billed storks
?Saddle-billed stork
?Glossy ibis
?Sacred Ibis
?Sacred Ibis on standard
?Northern bald ibis
?Lapwing with twisted wings
?Owl and mouth
?Owl and forearm
?Owl and forearm with conical loaf
?Forepart of lion
?Newborn hartebeest
?Hartebeest head
?Sacred cow
?Lying canine

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