Many recruiters find it easy to choose the top candidates for most jobs. However, hiring a qualified software developer requires more than just scanning through applications.

There is a lot of competition in the software engineering job market, making it difficult to find and hire top-tier candidates. When looking for a new software developer, it’s important to implement a thorough hiring process that will help you find someone with the perfect set of abilities and the kind of personality that will make working together easy.

Hiring a bad developer can be disastrous for a company. You’ll watch them as they waste money from investors, delay projects, and create something that people don’t like due to a lack of technical expertise. And that’s why Gaper is here to help you find tech talent.

Tech talent shortage statistics indicate a growing concern for businesses across industries. The demand for skilled tech workers continues to outstrip the available supply, with over 50% of companies reporting difficulty filling critical tech roles. This shortage is reflected in the rising salaries for tech workers, with some positions seeing wage increases of up to 15% in a single year.

This shortage of tech talent is not limited to just a few markets, as it is a global phenomenon impacting both mature and emerging tech hubs. Companies must be proactive in addressing the tech talent shortage through upskilling current employees, offering competitive benefits and salaries, and investing in diversity and inclusion initiatives to attract underrepresented groups in tech.

First, let’s examine why it’s so important to thoroughly evaluate software engineers before diving into how tech recruiters should hire vetted software developers

Why Should Software Engineers Be Thoroughly Vetted?

Software development is an essential and frequently complex work that demands skilled and experienced professionals, so it’s important to conduct a thorough evaluation of software engineers. Hiring a qualified software engineer is crucial to the achievement of project goals and the growth of a business.

Evaluation of software engineers helps businesses find staff members who will make valuable contributions to product development. Soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and teamwork are just as important as hard skills like knowledge of programming languages and software development frameworks.

Moreover, it is crucial for the success of a firm to hire software engineers who are a good fit for the organization’s culture, values, and goals. If you’re hiring software engineers, you may improve the quality of your evaluations by checking these points to hire vetted software developers.


Specific Skills to Look Out For When Hiring a Software Developer

Every vetted software developer will not be the right fit for your organizational goals and culture. When looking for a new software developer, it’s important to ensure they have the right set of talents. Let’s have a peek at a few of them.

Essential Technical Skills:

It is vital to remember that relevant academic records are not the only factor to consider when determining a candidate’s suitability; previous work experience is also considered. Be picky about who you hire; the software development market is competitive amidst the shortage of software engineers, so you can choose to be selective about who you bring on board.

Hire a developer with full-stack knowledge. A full-stack programmer is an expert in all aspects of a software system, from the user interface to the back end and the network, database, and hardware. The best software developers should be problem solvers who can apply their skills at any moment and in any phase of the development process.

Communication Skills:

A software engineer must have strong communication skills, both with the rest of the team and the client. Experts in this field need to be able to articulate complex technical concepts in layman’s terms and modify their delivery based on their audience. Cooperating with coworkers or resolving complicated coding issues both benefit from effective communication skills.

Learning and Adapting Skills:

Compared to other professions, software engineers are required to acquire far more new skills on a much more frequent basis. This is because their industry is constantly growing, and they must remain current with the most recent technologies. Tools like StackOverflow and GitHub can help them learn on the job, and they can also attend online boot camps, workshops, and conferences to hone in on specific areas of expertise. Keep an eye out for applicants who spend a great deal of time on their professional growth; they are likely to have more knowledge than their peers.

Cybersecurity Knowledge:

With the prevalence of cyber risks on the rise, it is crucial for software developers to be familiar with cybersecurity principles and can incorporate these into their software designs. Expert developers have expertise in areas such as encryption, authentication, and code safety.

Test-Driven Development:

A software engineer’s ability to maintain code quality and detect issues early requires knowledge of test-driven development and the ability to design automated tests. Unit tests, integration tests, and acceptance tests are all examples of the types of tests that fall under this category. These tests will assist in locating and resolving any problems with the software before they are released to the public.

Product Understanding:

In order to make judgments that are in line with the product’s aims, a software engineer needs to have a thorough understanding of both the product and its target audience. They should be able to put themselves in the shoes of the user and empathize with their requirements and desires so that they can create features that are both practical and user-friendly.


Final Thoughts

You are knowing what technical and interpersonal skills to look for in a software development candidate can make the hiring process much more manageable. However, the developer’s role is complex; therefore, you’ll need a thorough and rigorous recruitment procedure to find and select the best candidate.
You can use these tips to identify a great software developer for a position on your team. If you keep all of these things in mind, you’ll have a much better chance of finding an individual who not only possesses the essential technical talents but also possesses the solid interpersonal and communication skills necessary for successful collaboration amongst teams — all of which will lead to the delivery of high-quality products at a faster rate than ever before.

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