No doubt that technological advancements play a crucial role around the globe, still business cards retain their importance. Most people preferred to share the business or paper visiting card during the conference and some trade events as they are handy to share.

Thanks to the business card organizer and scanner application that helps in these situations – they are functions to store the physical card details in an organized manner instantly. There are innumerable applications available for this purpose, but choosing the best choice is always a challenging task. Thus, we shortlisted the best mobile applications that swiftly scan your business cards with advanced OCR features and entertain you with the best results.



It is indicated as the easy-to-navigate business card organizer that reads all the business cards and saves all the information into your mobile. The amazing part is that users can get notifications about their contact’s activity. Even this handy OCR business card scanner accurately reads the cards in 16 languages. With the free version of CamCard, users can only scan up to two hundred cards. 

This handy app comes with a centralized business or paper visiting card database management solution. You can find that this app swiftly integrates customer data with certain CRM applications including SugarCRM, Salesforce, Google Contacts, Excel, or Outlook Contacts. 



Cardscanner is another full-fledged source for scanning and organizing business or paper visiting cards swiftly. This handy business card scanner allows you to swiftly store data of business cards as digitized copies. No matter whether you want to scan and organize your cards on iOS and Android devices, this online source entertains conversions on both. 

Transforming business cards into digital ones is pretty simple with this assistance, just a couple of taps are required to process this job. The upside is that this business card organizer scans and extracts every single element from the existing business cards and processes it with data-organizing features using advanced OCR technology. 


ABBYY Business Card Reader

This is one of the easiest applications that lets you manage and scan your business card data within no time. You can find that this app lets you proceed with up to 25 languages and even it can legitimately read bilingual cards (it supports three different languages in one card). It is capable of storing all the card data in a cloud and even quickly synchronizes it across certain devices. This means that you can now access your details anywhere, anytime from your mobile. 

In addition to that, it can function to share contact details and even one can send an email with a digital business card with no hassle. Even if some data is left unorganized, this business card organizer highlights the data/fields in blue, so you can make the correction manually. ABBYY also allows you to deal with PDF file management without any hassle, even you can visit its pdf in order to compress PDF and other documents conversion. 



It is referred to as one of the best and most well-optimized business card organizers. You just have to make a couple of taps to scan business cards/conference badges and even add new connections swiftly. Moreover, this application functions to add contacts/scans to existing or even new customer accounts. This app can be taken into account for customizing all the captured fields according to your organization’s requirements. 

Despite that, you could easily export your business contacts directly to Salesforce or other CRMs. Users can easily access their business cards/contacts anywhere when needed. In addition to that, this application is loaded with a manual transcription option for your business cards. 


Haystack Digital Business Cards

Haystack is another application through which you can easily scan your business cards and add it to your contact list without any hassle. This handy application considers an advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to record precise text from the scanned images. Users around the globe can easily share their card with anyone through text, email. NFC, and social media with this business card organizer. 

You can find that the recipient does not require to install this specific application to view and save the shared business cards. Also, you can send a quick follow up email with this assistance. This application will automatically update the contacts profile and also allow you to add personal notes to the scanned business cards.

Thankfully, you explored a few full-fledged and easiest business card scanning applications to digitize paper visiting cards in an organized manner. Choose one or more applications right now that are suitable for your business card reading, organizing, and scanning needs. Good Luck!

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