Here we have compiled a list of NIIT courses that we could find. NIIT which stands for National Institute of Information Technology, is a global leader in skills & talent development, established its presence in Nigeria by setting up an education centre in Ikeja, Lagos in 1999 and since then affirmed its support to prepare the youth in the country for lucrative IT careers…

NIIT now has more than 20 operational centres in different regions of Nigeria and is acknowledged as the undisputed leader in the country’s IT training and education segment offering the latest IT programs mapped to the industry requirement and international vendor certifications.

Let’s consider the courses offered in NIIT Nigeria. These NIIT courses prepare you for a career in one of the fastest-growing industry. IT industry is generating a high demand for skilled professionals and provides some of the best career growth opportunities.

Offering a wide range of specializations in different IT domains, these NIIT courses will enable you to stand out for technology jobs anywhere in the world. Mapped to real job roles and many prestigious global certifications, NIIT courses are the best solution to realize the dream for a great career. National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) courses are divided into 4 Employability Programs;

Rapid Employability Programmes
Though schools and universities provide knowledge in various NIIT courses below, which may seem enough. But in reality, the skills that employers are really looking for is not there. The absence of these vital skills leads to young people struggling to get a job and employers struggling to get skilled people.

  1. Certificate Program in MIS Skills
  2. Certificate Program in Web Designing
  3. Program on Mobile App Development on the Android Platform
  4. Certificate Program in Hardware and Networking
  5. Certificate Program in Desktop Publishing
  6. Certificate program in Linux & Oracle Database Administration
  7. Diploma in Internetworking Technologies

Industry Competitiveness‎ Programmes
These NIIT courses under this programme make you become an expert professional are sought after by large organizations all over the world.

  • Diploma/Advance-Diploma in Infrastructure Management
  • Diploma in .NET Technologies
  • Diploma in Enterprise Application- Java/MS Platform
  • Diploma in Web Development

Career Enhancement Program – Soar to Success
This NIIT courses will prepare you with the necessary IT skills to get ahead in today’s world of Technology. These courses reflect the commitment of NIIT to create a diverse workforce that will better meet the challenges of changing demographics and global perspectives in IT.  

  • Working Smart with Microsoft Office & the Internet
  • Installing, Configuring, Managing, & troubleshooting a PC (A+)
  • Protocol & Internetworking Standards (N+)
  • Certificate Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2012
  • Certificate in Project Management Practice
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Certificate in Information Systems Audit (CISA)
  • ITIL-Certificate in IT Infrastructure Library

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