In psychology, there are 2 known forms of motivation; Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. On this page, I will show you 20 examples of intrinsic motivation. You can see this page for extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation is a natural human tendency that refers to a person’s needs, desires, wants, or urges to engage in an activity for self-pleasure, rather than for external rewards or incentives. Thus, Intrinsic motivation is when you engage in a behavior (typically self-directed and self-sustaining) because you find it rewarding and there is a sense of satisfaction or enjoyment.

In fact, Intrinsic motivation is considered to be more autonomous and more likely to lead to long-term engagement in an activity. People who are intrinsically motivated tend to be more engaged, persistent, and creative in their pursuits which is why Intrinsic motivation is often associated with hobbies, creative pursuits, and volunteering for personal growth and self-actualization. Moreover, Intrinsic motivation is clearly visible in a child who may play outdoors –running, skipping, jumping –for no other reason than because it is fun and innately satisfying

Moreso, human adults are also intrinsically motivated when they play crosswords, make paintings, do gardening or just read novels or watch movies. Intrinsic motivation is not always a constant state; it can fluctuate depending on an individual’s life stage and circumstances.


20 Intrinsic Motivation Examples

  1. Learning about history, science, and other subjects for curiosity and desire for knowledge.
  2. Learning a new skill or hobby for the pleasure of acquiring knowledge.
  3. Engage in physical activities for a sense of accomplishment and physical fitness.
  4. Reading for the love of reading and the desire to expand one’s knowledge.
  5. Painting or creating art for the pure joy of creating.
  6. Developing a new idea or invention for the excitement of creating something new.
  7. Meditating or practicing yoga for a sense of inner peace and personal development.
  8. Playing sports for the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of the team.
  9. The building or creating things with your hands for the satisfaction of making something useful.
  10. Dancing or moving to music for the pure joy of movement.
  11. Photography or videography for the pleasure of capturing and sharing memories.
  12. Exploring different cultures and customs for the excitement of learning about new ways of life.
  13. Solving puzzles or playing games for enjoyment and personal satisfaction.
  14. Exploring nature or traveling to new places for the excitement of discovery.
  15. Helping others or volunteering for a sense of fulfillment and personal growth.
  16. Cooking or experimenting with new recipes for the pleasure of creating delicious meals.
  17. Listening to music or playing an instrument for the love of music.
  18. Gardening or tending to plants for the satisfaction of nurturing and watching them grow.
  19. Learning a new language for the challenge and the cultural enrichment it provides.
  20. Writing for the self-expression and creative outlet it offers.


From the examples of Intrinsic motivation mentioned above, we can see that it is noninstrumental in nature, that is, intrinsically motivated action is not contingent upon any outcome separable from the behavior itself. Rather, the means and end are one and the same.

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