40 List of Less Competitive Courses in Nigeria

I have compiled a list of less competitive course you can study in Nigeria. Less competitive course are courses the majority of Nigerian students seeking admission know nothing about. And even if they do know, they just want to flow with the crowd.

Unlike courses where you will find over 200 students in a lecture hall, this less competitive courses may not have up to 40 students. Use the search box below to get admission requirement for each course.

List of competitive courses in Nigeria

  • Adult and Non-Fiction Education
  • Agric- Extension and Rural Sociology
  • Chinese
  • Conservation Biology
  • Cooperative and Rural Development
  • Counsellor Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Ecotourism and Wildlife Management
  • Education and French
  • Education and Hausa
  • Education and Igbo


  • Environmental Management and Toxicology – Under Science
  • French, German or Russian
  • Glass Design
  • Industrial Physics and Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Physics with Electronics and I.T Application
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Science and Technology
  • Mechatronics and System Engineering
  • Oceanography
  • Operations Research
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Personnel Management
  • Physics /Astrology
  • Physics and Computational Modelling
  • Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
  • Polymer and Textile Engineering
  • Portuguese


  • Public and Private International Law
  • Russia
  • Secretarial Administration
  • Shipping and Maritime Technology
  • Soil Science and Land Agro-Climatology
  • Sport Science and Health Education
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics
  • Theology
  • Transport Planning Management and Education (TPM)
  • Visual Art and Technology
  • Wood Production Engineering

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