A degree is a backbone to starting and building a successful career. Getting a degree is a dream for every scholar who just finished high school and is aiming to pursue a career with a good certificate. But before a choice is made on which discipline to major in, you must consider some factors, or ask some questions that will help you make the right choice.

Picking a degree should not be dependent on how hard it is. The difficulty of a degree, will also differ from person to person, and from place to place. The reason is that the passion and abilities of everybody are different. If science is difficult for Mr. A, it does not mean it’ll be the same for Mr. B. The latter’s difficulty could be in the arts. Picking a degree should also be dependent on your interests, values as well as your abilities.

The employability of your degree should also be considered as its relevance in the future. That being said, the following are the top ten degrees that are considered by many to be the hardest to get. They include the following in no particular order;


Top 10 Hardest Degree To Get

  • Petroleum Engineering: Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study, analysis, and research of hydrocarbons such as crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum engineers deal with the production, evaluation, and development of hydrocarbon energy. This course is considered hard by many because of the amount of study time and focus it requires. According to a study from Indiana University in 2016, petroleum engineering students spend about 18 and a half hours preparing for a class.


  • Physics: Physics is a branch of science that deals with the study of nature, matter, and energy. Physics is a fundamental scientific field concerned majorly with understanding how the universe behaves and why. Physics students spend ample time studying to become physicists. The time spent and rigorous studying it takes to acquire this degree makes it one of the hardest


  • Astronomy: Astronomy is considered to be one of the hardest degrees to get. The study of the universe outside of the earth’s atmosphere. This includes the study of the sun, stars, moon, galaxy, planets, and other particles found in outer space.


  • Architecture: Architecture is the art of designing and building a structure. It engulfs everything, the sketching process, the planning, designing, and construction process. The tedious work of an architect starts with schooling. Before you can become a certified architect, you must understand the layout of buildings, understand how to sketch them out, and understand how to bring them to reality. This makes it one of the hardest degrees to get.


  • Law: Law is a degree that deals with the study of legal theories or statutes, and understanding how to apply them to real-life issues. Law students are required to commit the constitutions, rights, and obligations of a human to memory. They are also supposed to understand how the system works and how to represent persons in the recognized court of justice. It is one of the hardest degrees to get. You can spend about six or seven years becoming a lawyer.


  • Cell and molecular biology: Cell and molecular biology make it to our list of the top ten hardest degrees to get. It studies the life and functions of cells. It involves understanding how cells work, how to prevent them from dying, and knowing or researching ways to preserve them.


  • Aeronautical Engineering: Considered to be one of the hardest degrees ever, aeronautical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, and construction of aircraft. This kind of engineering involves applied mathematics, theory knowledge, and very efficient problem-solving skills


  • Philosophy: Philosophy is the systematic study of the fundamental nature or basis of knowledge, reality, existence, the mind, values, and language. In other words, philosophy is sourcing knowledge, studying and proving them with actual facts, and getting answers with clear evidence to life’s questions. It is considered to be one of the hardest degrees in the humanities, because of its wide range of study.


  • Biomedical Engineering: This is a branch of engineering that studies the creation of technology to help support human health. It is the advancement of devices, equipment, and technology that focuses on improving or sustaining the health of humans. To be a biomedical engineer, you must have knowledge of both medicine and engineering. It is one of the hardest degrees to get


  • Medicine: Medicine is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis, and treatment of sick patients. It deals with the diagnosis, containment, prevention, and treatment of ailments. It takes an average of eight years to study medicine. The discipline is very wide and complicated and so takes a lot to understand and practice. The fragility and societal importance of this degree make it very hard to get.


Other degrees that are hard to get include; Bioengineering, Biochemistry or Biophysics, Chemical Engineering, Neuroscience, Fine-art, Economics, etc. Like it was mentioned earlier, every degree’s level of difficulty is dependent on people’s abilities, interests, and time frame to study these courses.

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