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On a short note, the Occupational Therapy program prepares students to assist patients limited by physical, developmental, cognitive, psychosocial, mental, and learning disabilities, as well as adverse environmental conditions, to maximize their independence and maintain optimum health through a planned mix of acquired skills, performance motivation, ecological adaptations, assistive technologies, and physical agents.

There are many research topics related to Occupational Therapy, depending on your specialization and interests. The topics below are only for guides. We do not encourage writing on any of them because thousands of people visit this page also to get an idea of what topics to write on.

The primary purposes of research topics related to Occupational Therapy are to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and solutions to problems, and contribute to developing knowledge.


50 Research topics related to Occupational Therapy

  • Childhood maltreatment: emotional consequences and potential intervention
  • Coexistence between teachers and occupational therapists in a school setting
  • Creating digital stories to understand living with multimorbidity
  • Decision-making in Gaelic football
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • A psychophysiology study of sensory processing in meditators
  • An assessment and outcome measure for children’s wheelchair basketball
  • Analyzing the feeling of depression and the stigma about it.
  • Assessment of injury risk factors and mechanisms in elite netball
  • Benefits of occupational therapy for adult mental health patients
  • Between bottom-up and top-down approaches, which method is effective for patients suffering from a stroke?
  • Breathing muscle strength in healthy children
  • Discuss the stereotypes in occupational therapy practice
  • Does homelessness create to influence the psychology of people?
  • Effect of clinical depression on adolescent children.
  • Role of occupational therapy in symptoms control
  • The effects of sonification on motor imagery ability
  • The impact of task complexity, cognitive load, and anxiety on driving
  • The influence of continuous mobility in the lives of orphan toddlers.
  • Evaluate occupational therapy for patients with a brain tumor
  • Frequent incidents of displacement and its aggressive effect on street children.
  • Functional trajectories of people with chronic critical illness
  • Gender differences in multitasking
  • The role of occupational therapy for prisoners
  • The significance of group therapy at foster homes.
  • The social displacement of Autistic children.
  • The use of apps in occupational therapy treatment
  • Using mindfulness to reduce schizophrenia vulnerability
  • Virtual reality for NHS staff wellbeing
  • Visual and emotional processing in early Parkinson’s disease
  • What are disability and the stigma enveloping it?
  • Is there a need for society to question the mental sickness stigma?
  • Occupational therapy for terminally ill patients
  • Occupational therapy in mental health management
  • Parenting across cultures in contemporary England
  • Physical activity and McArdle disease
  • What are the therapeutic outcomes of occupational therapy?
  • When reading misfires: the case for letter confusability
  • Writing in the digital age: Keyboard versus pen in adolescents
  • Gestalt grouping and perceptual averaging to boost memory capacity
  • Healthy living and lifestyle promotion amongst teenage girls
  • How can occupational therapy be used to prevent human trafficking?
  • Improving motor function in children with cerebral palsy
  • Inclination towards committing suicide- Method to deal with the issue.
  • Interventions used by occupational therapists when treating spinal cord injuries
  • Promoting social connections using happy-to-chat badges
  • Protect mental health COVID-19 study
  • Recovering a sense of smell and taste
  • Rehabilitation using virtual gaming
  • Knowledge translation in children’s occupational therapy
  • Managing the intrinsic PTSD in the lives of medical veterans.
  • Occupational therapy for cancer patients with metastatic disease
  • Occupational therapy for inpatient
  • Rehabilitation via home-based gaming
  • Respiratory physiology, human performance, and health
  • Risk factors for cognitive decline in LGBT+ older people


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