FUTA cutoff mark and Admission Requirements


The page contains Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) cut off mark and Admission Requirements for 2020/2021 sessions



If you’re yet to write JAMB and you are here looking for JAMB cut off marks for FUTA, that is a bad way to failure….. I personally will not recommend that you read this page. But if you’re seeking for admission requirements that’s nice. You can read on how to pass JAMB here

Checking cut-off FUTA before you write JAMB will limit your mindset towards aiming high. Assuming FUTA cut off mark is 180, your mind will juggle to score above 180. But If you don’t have that mindset of checking UI cut-off, your mind will aim higher because you really don’t know what you are up against.


This page is for those who have written JAMB and have seen their scores. Now, they want to know if their JAMB score meet the cut-off mark of FUTA
The second category of people who should visit this page is those who want to know the admission requirements that is how to gain admission into FUTA and the required documents for admission.

These are the requirement to gain admission into the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)

  • You must have a minimum of at least a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics for all courses offered in the University requires
  • A pass in Physics is only acceptable in the following Departments: (i) Estate Management, (ii) Industrial Design (iii) Urban and Regional Planning (iv) Agric Econs & Extension (v) Ecotourism and Wildlife Management (vi) Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology (vii) Crop Soil and Pest Management
  • A pass in Chemistry is only acceptable in Architecture
  • FUTA also accepts a minimum of pass at Upper Credit level of the National Diploma for Direct Entry candidates from NBTE accredited institutions. A5 B4 C3 D2 E1
  • Please not that Advanced (‘A’) Level candidates must have at least 6 points.
  • Foreign students with their results in another language shall have their results confirmed by their departments.
  • All courses are of five years duration except stated otherwise

What is FUTA cut-off mark 2020?

Permit me to quickly explain what cut off mark is and why universities in Nigeria use it as a yardstick for admission.
Cut off mark is a simple English word which means a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated. FUTA UTME Cut off mark is the required score from you by the university in order to gain admission to study your desired score. Those who sit for JAMB are called UTME candidates. This simple means JAMB is not the only way for you to gain admission into FUTA

While JAMB has the power to set cut off marks for universities, though some schools may have an understanding with JAMB to increase or decrease their cut off marks due to personal school policy. Mind you, Post UTME score is not the same with JAMB UTME score. You may pass JAMB and fail POST UTME.



FUTA JAMB UTME cut off mark is 180 and may change depending on school policy. This cut off is only applicable to some departmental courses in FUTA as some may require you to score above 180. Most often, competitive courses are usually the ones with higher JAMB cut off marks in other to reduce the entrance and overcrowd while the non-competitive courses follow the default cut off mark.


FUTA departmental cut-off mark

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, SEET

  • AGE 55.12
  • CPE 69.62
  • CVE 71.87
  • EEE 74.37
  • ICT 49.75
  • IPE 47.5
  • MEE 73.75
  • MME 54.87
  • MNE 54.75

School of Health and Mineral Sciences, SEMS

  • AGP 47.5
  • AGY 47.5
  • MST 47.5
  • MCS 47.5
  • RSG 47.5

School of Computing, SOC

  • CSC 69
  • IFT 63.75
  • IFS 63.75
  • CSS 63.75
  • SEN 63.75

School of Science, SOS

  • BCH 63.37
  • BIO 47.5
  • BTH 47.5
  • CHE 47.5
  • MCB 63
  • MTS 59
  • PHY 47.5
  • STA 47.5

School of Health and Health Technology, SHHT

  • ANA 59.5
  • BIM 47.5
  • PHS 57.25

School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, SAAT

  • AEC 47.5
  • APH 55.37
  • ARE 47.5
  • CSP 47.5
  • EWM 47.5
  • FAT 47.5
  • FST 58.12
  • FWT 47.5

School of Environmental Technology, SET

  • ARC 72.87
  • BDG 56.62
  • ESM 47.5
  • IDD 53.25
  • QSV 57
  • SVG 64.25
  • URP 52.87
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