100 Educational Quotes for Students Motivation


If you arrive on this page for educational quotes for students motivation, then look no further. We have collated the best educational quotes from famous people that will motivate students throughout their learning phase.

As we all know, education as being the subject of debate for centuries and every scholar seems to have their own definition for education. Be that as it may, education has always played an important role in moulding individual positive or negative.


Some of the educational quotes you are going to read here are inspirational and motivational and you can use them to the spice of your speech, presentation or use as a word of advice to someone who you think might need encouragement… While some of the quotes here are simple to understand, some are proverbial and might require medication to fully grasp the intended meaning.

Educational quotes

  • Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela
  • The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. Albert Einstein
  • It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle
  • My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors. Maya Angelou
  • Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. Oscar Wilde
  • In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. Mark Twain
  • Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. Robert Frost
  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin
  • An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t. Anatole France
  • The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle
  • Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. William Butler Yeats
  • Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. Anthony J. D’Angelo
  • Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carver
  • Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth. Chanakya
  • Liberal education is at the heart of civil society, and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching. A. Bartlett Giamatti
  • It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. Robert Green Ingersoll
  • I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves – you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library and I’d written a thousand stories. Ray Bradbury
  • He who opens a school door closes a prison. Victor Hugo
  • The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. Carl Rogers
  • Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. John Dewey
  • The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. John F. Kennedy
  • Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. Will Durant
  • The doer alone learneth. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. Horace Mann
  • Education doesn’t change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard. Robert Frost
  • Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. Rabindranath Tagore
  • I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. Walt Disney
  • No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure. Emma Goldman
  • Change is the end result of all true learning. Leo Buscaglia
  • Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age? Erich Fromm
  • The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life. Plato
  • Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. Edward Everett
  • The more that learn to read the less learn how to make a living. That’s one thing about a little education. It spoils you for actual work. The more you know the more you think somebody owes you a living. Will Rogers
  • Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm Forbes
  • Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom. Clifford Stoll
  • An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious – just dead wrong. Russell Baker
  • The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn. Alvin Toffler
  • Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants. John W. Gardner
  • Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves. Ernest Dimnet
  • I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship. Aeschylus
  • The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Some people will never learn anything, for this reason, because they understand everything too soon. Alexander Pope
  • No man who worships education has got the best out of education… Without a gentle contempt for education, no man’s education is complete. Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Daniel J. Boorstin
  • Learn to think continentally. Alexander Hamilton
  • Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and diligence. Abigail Adams
  • An educated man is thoroughly inoculated against humbug, thinks for himself and tries to give his thoughts, in speech or on paper, some style. Alan K. Simpson
  • When I get a little money I buy books and if any is left I buy food and clothes. Desiderius Erasmus
  • When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course. Peter Drucker
  • To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks. A. A. Milne
  • The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Sydney J. Harris
  • Poor people cannot rely on the government to come to help you in times of need. You have to get your education.
  • Then nobody can control your destiny. Charles Barkley
  • Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. B. F. Skinner
  • Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre. Gail Godwin
  • Education is all a matter of building bridges. Ralph Ellison
  • The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. Robert M. Hutchins
  • Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle. Robert Anthony
  • I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly. Michel de Montaigne
  • If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics. Galileo Galilei
  • The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas. George Santayana
  • An educated people can be easily governed. Frederick The Great
  • Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn. Alice Miller
  • I think everyone should go to college and get a degree and then spend six months as a bartender and six months as a cabdriver. Then they would really be educated. Al McGuire
  • Education is the transmission of civilization. Will Durant
  • If the education of our kids comes from radio, television, newspapers – if that’s where they get most of their knowledge from, and not from the schools, then the powers that be are definitely in charge, because they own all those outlets. Maynard James Keenan
  • Your library is your paradise. Desiderius Erasmus
  • If the Romans had been obliged to learn Latin, they would never have found time to conquer the world. Heinrich Heine
  • The only real failure in life is one not learned from. Anthony J. D’Angelo
  • He who studies books alone will know how things ought to be, and he who studies men will know how they are. Charles Caleb Colton
  • It is with children that we have the best chance of studying the development of logical knowledge, mathematical knowledge, physical knowledge, and so forth. Jean Piaget
  • America is the best half-educated country in the world. Nicholas M. Butler
  • It is always in season for old men to learn. Aeschylus
  • Education… has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. G. M. Trevelyan
  • If an ignorant person is attracted by the things of the world, that is bad. But if a learned person is thus attracted, it is worse. Abu Bakr
  • True, a little learning is a dangerous thing, but it still beats total ignorance. Abigail Van Buren
  • It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed. Harvey S. Firestone
  • Responsibility educates. Wendell Phillips
  • I would like to learn or remember, how to live. Annie Dillard
  • Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding. Ezra Pound
  • It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual. Allen Klein
  • Men and women must be educated, in a great degree, by the opinions and manners of the society they live in. Mary Wollstonecraft
  • I learned more stuff in church than I did in the world. Al Green
  • The willingness to learn new skills is very high. Angela Merkel
  • To the extent that we are all educated and informed, we will be more equipped to deal with the gut issues that tend to divide us. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
  • If I had learned education I would not have had time to learn anything else. Cornelius Vanderbilt
  • Man is what he reads. Joseph Brodsky
  • You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God. Tammy Faye Bakker
  • The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life. Ernest Renan
  • I know a lot of people think I’m dumb. Well, at least I ain’t no educated fool. Leon Spinks
  • Every educated person is a future enemy. Martin Bormann
  • It is well to read everything of something, and something of everything. Joseph Brodsky
  • To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil’s soul. To Miss Mackay, it is a putting in of something that is not there, and that is not what I call education. I call it intrusion. Muriel Spark
  • I am sure my fellow-scientists will agree with me if I say that whatever we were able to achieve in our later years had its origin in the experiences of our youth and in the hopes and wishes which were formed before and during our time as students. Felix Bloch
  • The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm Forbes
  • Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. Albert Einstein
  • My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. George Washington
  • Formal education will make you a living self-education will make you a fortune. Jim Rohn
  • It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. Albert Einstein
  • Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather make the man a more clever devil. C. S. Lewis
  • A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. Theodore Roosevelt
  • Don’t let schooling interfere with your education. Mark Twain
  • Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. Mark Twain
  • I have always had this view about the modern education system: we pay attention to brain development, but the development of warmheartedness we take for granted. Dalai Lama
  • Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. Mark Twain
  • Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X
  • I never let schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain
  • Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run. Mark Twain
  • There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Anyone who knows history, particularly the history of Europe, will, I think, recognize that the domination of education or of government by any one particular religious faith is never a happy arrangement for the people. Eleanor Roosevelt
  • No part of the education of a politician is more indispensable than the fighting of elections. Winston Churchill
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