12 beautiful Short messages to a sick friends


Showing love goes beyond talking, cuddling and helping each other. We show love more when we do little things in our own little way without consent. I Fatherprada had composed this short beautiful messages which can be sent to cheer up sick friends and family.

I urge you to use handwritten note and SMS. WhatsApp and other online platforms are good but SMS is king. I wrote the short messages with the mindset that it should be sent through SMS, short letters and tagged with flowers.


You can also send these messages anytime any day and you can also send this SMS on Christmas and New year. Nothing is more awesome than soothing words in hard times.


My heart burns
The doctor says it’s an ulcer
Foolish science.
It burns because you’re
not here to Merry with me.



Awwwww my friend!
I know you’ll be on your feet soon
I’ll be praying for you
I promise I’ll be praying for you.



What’s colder,
than lost days in sickness?
You’re sick in bed, I’m sick of loneliness
Get well soon, I’m getting sick too


Everyone is sick with something
Yours is quite visible
Please be strong,
You’re beautiful
Gell well soon.


I have walked a thousand miles
To see you my friend
Where do you want the gift?
Here or there?
Please get well soon and…
Merry Christmas


Everywhere is quiet and moody
Loneliness surrounds like fur.
The night is long and long
What’s today without you?
Please smile, please be strong!
Get well soon.


The doctor said you will spend
the holiday here, said you’re not
strong enough to be out there.
But Christmas is everywhere
and I’m bringing Christmas to you.


I won’t complain again
I won’t cry and worry too much
I’ll learn to be strong
You’ve made it this far
Merry Christmas today and many more.


I’ll be here.
Let the sunrise
and moon spread
I’ll be here.
I’ll not leave your side
Get well soon.


And though,
sickness came in strong and brawl
You just have to get well soon.
What’s a Merry Christmas without you.
I’ll rather wish you a Recovery Christmas.



Though money and hustling
Made us trade places.
You’re still my friend from way back.
Get well soon homie
Merry Christmas.


Though the scar may stay long
Your wound will heal soon.
Please smile, it eases depression
Get well soon.

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