5 Common Mistakes in Resume/CV

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I have read, reviewed and corrected countless Resume/CV/CV and I see these same mistakes. It seems job seekers have forgotten that a Resume/CV will be read by human and not machines. When you submit your Resume/CV, it goes through a thorough review. Machines may have a part to play but the decision comes from recruiters.


Let’s take a quick look at these mistakes


Fresh Graduates can lie for Africa. The old proverb “what is yours won’t pass you by” is something every Fresh Graduate don’t want to add to their diary. As long as there is a vacancy, Resume/CV must be submitted. But do you need to tell lies to make your Resume/CV employable. Do you know what it takes to have an employable Resume/CV Write your Resume/CV in good faith, and hope for a good outcome. Exaggeration in a Resume/CV is a waste of time. Be plain and avoid the use of jargon. You’re your Resume/CV in written form.

You can find the lies under Skills and Abilities. I knew a graduate (a family friend) who profess to have Computer Skills on his Resume/CV, but in reality, he doesn’t know anything about the use of a computer. He lost a job during a computer test. Using the computer to browse the internet or play games is not a license that you a Computer Literate. If you don’t have the needed qualifications, then let it pass. And If you must submit, you don’t need to tell lies. If you get a job successfully through lies, you must lie to sustain it.


Copy and Paste Resume/CV or CV:

Copy and paste Resume/CV from the internet or from a friend is an error. I salute those who embrace this habit. I remember back then in NCCF when NYSC and Allowee (NYCS allowance) drew to an end; everyone had to start preparing their Resume/CV. 70% of the brothers copied the same Resume/CV including me. We never knew that recruiters were aware of Resume/CV samples on the Internet.

Softwares have been developed to scan and match up words from the Resume/CV. That is, there are some keywords that the software will search for on your Resume/CV. Applicant Tracking System is one of such that saves recruiters the time of going through thousands of Resume/CV. Aside from this, some organisations still make use of control F, which is used to search for specific skills or phrase. If the needed information is present, your Resume/CV may get a review, else they skip and move on to the next available Resume/CV.



One Resume/CV for all Job Vacancies:

You saw a job vacancy in an Insurance Firm, and you quickly pick up your Resume/CV to submit. The next day you saw an Administrative job vacancy in a Telecommunication Industry, you immediately send another copy of your Resume/CV. Are you related to Xander A Resume/CV meant an Insurance Firm should be different from the one sent to a Telecommunication Firm. A Resume/CV should be tailored to meet job requirement if specified. Most job vacancies do not give job specifications, but you can use the job title to get an idea and develop your Resume/CV around it.


Spellings and Grammatical Errors

Someone once said that it is hard to read and proofread what you wrote down many times. I found out that this was true when I observed how difficult it was to correct my poems and short plays. Resume/CV mistakes cannot be forgiven. During a review, some personnel’s job is to point out wrong spellings, incorrect sentences or grammatical errors, paragraph and the likes. You should always ask people to read and review for correction.

I recommend the use of Grammarly to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Microsoft Word can detect spelling errors, yet nothing compares to this app when it comes to proofreading. Built by linguist and language lovers, Grammarly writing app finds and corrects hundred of complex writing errors so you don’t have to. As you type, Grammarly premium checks your text against more than 400 advanced grammar rules. The checks include common grammatical errors, such as subject-verb agreement articles use, and modifier placement, in addition to contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes and irregular verb conjugations. With Grammarly, you can write your Resume/CV or CV with confidence. Download here its free

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