List of Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria and their functions

It is the desire of many students to study abroad and experience life on the other side but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to study abroad. This post was specially written for those who desire to study abroad and have the means to do so.

Notwithstanding, you may be surprised that studying abroad may cost you less than what you have imagined. Because there are some universities abroad that do not require you to pay school fees. You can get more information here on that.

To study abroad, a whole of things must be considered and adequate preparation is key to your success if you wish to study abroad. While it is necessary for you to do research on where you wish to study and to gather other necessary information, you may not be able to do it all by yourself that is why on this post, I will list out the study abroad agencies in Nigeria that can save you the time and hurdles.

Who are Study Abroad Agencies?

Study Abroad Agencies are established to meet the demand from students and institutions for professional and independent marketing, recruitment and University/College placement services. They also offer free counselling services to people that want to study abroad but are confused about where to go and how to go about it.

Thus, Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria provides marketing and recruitment services for international education providers. Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria also help in the application process and visa guidance from Nigeria itself. Study Abroad Agencies can be found all over Nigeria. We have study abroad agencies in Lagos, study abroad agents in Port Harcourt, study abroad agencies in Kaduna, Abuja and many more

Some Functions of Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria

  • Counselling services for intending students to determine the preferred course and study destination that best suits
  • Visa Interview training services.
  • Assist students in preparing to study abroad to register for their test of English.
  • Assist students planning to study in overseas schools in getting cheap flight tickets
  • Assist you and your sponsor to ensure that you are properly guided based on your budget.

Top List of Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria

Imperial Educational Services: Ranked amongst the top 10 Consultants in Africa and 9 years of placing over 976 Students into top Universities Abroad, Imperial Educational Services study abroad agency in Nigeria with access to over 250 partner Universities in 38 countries across all continents.

Bowell Educational Services Ltd: Bowell services include; Educational Counselling, Colleges Visa Assistance, Scholarship Assistance, Study Abroad Loan, Assistance Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services, Airport Assistance Accommodation Services, Part Time Job, etc

Study in Georgia Europe: is a study abroad agency in Nigeria focused on preparing students through a series of guided mentoring and arming them with all they will need to succeed in the academia of the summer and winter clime. They are being sent to choice universities in Georgia to acquire degrees in their respective career disciplines not without assisting them through all the processes and setting post landing arrangements for them.

Lekkside Education Consultants: is one of the most successful studies abroad agencies in Nigeria today; they focus on recruiting and guiding prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities at universities, colleges, schools & training institutes around the world.

Harvestfield Educational Services: Harvestfield Educational Services is a study abroad agency in Nigeria that was established to aid the transition of high school leavers and graduates into tertiary institutions abroad. They counsel and place students into appropriate institutions based on their educational needs and budget. Harvestfield Educational Services aim to make the transition stress-free for the students and their parents.

Preparation For Life (PFL): With a direct relationship with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Europe and the UAE, PFL is a study abroad agency in Nigeria that provides overseas Nigerian students with higher education opportunities across the world and also share details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality universities and study institutions.

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