JAMB CAPS: How to Accept and Reject Admission

Are you curious about what JAMB CAPS is all about? I will explain and also tell you the benefits and how to check admission status as well as how to accept or reject provisional admission on JAMB CAPs.

Before the introduction of JAMB CAPS, JAMB was only responsible for central admission examination (JAMB UTME) and admission letters. Various institutions were responsible for admitting students. This process was dubious and not satisfactory as many qualified candidates were not given admission.

JAMB, in other to curb this, developed the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) also known as JAMB CAPS to automate admission exercise with the aim to reestablish JAMB as the major determinant of who can get admission into the university thereby ensuring operational efficiency, accountability promote transparency, and to expand admission opportunities to many candidates.

What then is JAMB CAPS?

JAMB CAPS is a platform created by the Federal Government under the ministry of education to ensure the admission process of all Nigerian students is done within a controlled portal. Candidates like you can register, check admission status, accept or reject provisional admission and can also, make themselves available on Marketplace.

This was done to ensure quality control and credibility of the admission process in Nigeria. With JAMB CAPS, approved Institutions in Nigeria can also go and request for students who score their cut off points. This mean institution can only admit those who meet their cut off points. If a candidate fails to meet the cut off mark, that student would certainly be denied admission irrespective of the candidate’s connection.

JAMB realising the problems associated with admissions such as misappropriation and admission lacked equity and transparency, took a stand and JAMB CAPS. Now with JAMB CAPS, you can check JAMB admission status right from the comfort of your room. You will be notified from JAMB CAPS if you have been admitted or Not Admitted and you can also accept or reject provisional admission.

JAMB CAPS Market Place:

JAMB CAPS Marketplace provides flexibility for higher Institutions in Nigeria to source candidates who may not have chosen the institution for during JAMB UTME registration. For example, if Delta State University has few or no candidates in their Fine and Applied Art department, they may source for candidates through the JAMB CAPS Marketplace.

JAMB notifies the Candidates of Market place consideration by the Institution. A candidate may reject marketplace consideration, subject to a maximum of three (3) times. This means a candidate can only reject admission from the marketplace three times after which no more admission offer will be given.

Another function I want you to know is that a candidate could approach the Marketplace to announce availability for Admission consideration from any institution or for any course programme different from those earlier indicated during the UTME Registration, provided the candidate has the required O’ Level Results and wrote the compulsory subject combination in the UTME.

In summary, JAMB CAPS has made admission easy in one sitting. You as a candidate can make yourself available to other universities, polytechnics or colleges of education when you’re not given admission by the University you preferred. Likewise, universities that still need more candidates can use the Marketplace within JAMB CAPS to source suitable candidates based on specific criteria.

I want you to read this

What is Provisional Admission in JAMB CAPS:

Provisional admission in JAMB CAPS means you have been offered admission but you have the choice to reject or accept the admission. If you accept the admission, you will no longer be available for other interested institutions. If you reject the admission, your profile will be made available for other institutions to offer you provisional admission.

Even though the universities you have chosen as first and second choice offer you admission, it will be called provisional admission because you have the right to accept or reject the admission if you have a change of mind.

To the University, Provisional Admission means that the university you have accepted may reject you outrightly if you don’t meet up the admission requirements. This is why JAMB called it Provisional Admission meaning under terms, trial or not fully agreed upon. Taking action to clear provisional admission is the sole responsibility of any student.

How to check admission status on JAMB CAPS

Only follow this step if you have enough active data subscriptions. Open your favourite browser but is better you check your admission status using a desktop because the portal is not fully optimized for a mobile browser. If you don’t have access to a desktop browser, then click on the three-dot at the top left concern of your mobile browser and click desktop mode.

  • Visit the jamb caps admission checking portal
  • Log in and scroll down to check CAPS UTME/DE Admission status.
  • Your profile details including Jamb score, institution etc. will appear when you have successfully logged in to Jamb caps portal.
  • Click on the UTME/DE Admission button to check and accept/reject your status of admission.
  • If you are given admission in a school you prefer, then click on accept admission.
  • If the institution and course space are blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Keep checking the JAMB CAPS.
  • Don’t click on accept admission when you are not offered admission by any school
  • Once you accept the admission offered to you then your profile will be removed from JAMB CAPS Marketplace.


Reject Admission in Jamb Caps:

Reject the admission by clicking on the Reject button if you are not okay with the school and course you are offered admission. These buttons will remain inactive until you are offered admission. Remember that you can only reject admission a maximum of 3 times.

Candidates who have been offered admission on JAMB CAPS are to immediately print their admission letter after accepting the admission, this letter will be required during screening and registration in the school that they have been admitted.

Before leaving, If you have been checking or just recently checked JAMB CAP and you see admission in progress, do not fidget. There are thousands of other students probably having the same issue with you right now. I promise not to bore you with long stories. Right here on this page,

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  1. I rejected an admission offer from BOWEN University, Iwo Osun State from my caps market place but the same institution is still reflecting there, does it mean that i didn’t properly reject it or what? Please help

  2. Pls a school gave me admission on market place pls if i dont reject it can another school give me marketplace transfer

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