Recruiters or employers whichever way you call them receives thousands of solicited resumes and unsolicited resumes. What you write in an email when sending a resume differs from one individual to another. The way you email a solicited resume would differ from an unsolicited resume.

While unsolicited resumes require that you do your homework well before emailing. Most often, recruiters who had solicited for resumes take the pain of providing a succinct guide on what to write in an email when sending a resume to them.


Now, an email can be broken into 3 parts.

  • Subject line,
  • Email body
  • Attachment.

Let’s consider how to send a resume or CV via email (solicited).

Subject line: This is the first information that is seen at first glance. If you were not provided with any guidance on the format of the email subject line, then you should go straight to the point. Make your subject line simple and clear.

Use this example: [Full Name] application for [Job title] [Job ID if available] – Resume Attached.
Example2: [Full Name] application for [Job title] [Job ID if available] [Position]- Resume Attached.

Email body: Since your resume was solicited for, avoid unnecessary information. Recruiters/employers know that hundreds of emails will be coming through, so you should avoid recruiters third eye blink when going through your email. Humans have a very short attention span.

What you should not include in on email body when sending a solicited resume.

  • Introduction
  • Contact
  • Make provision for interview

These details are not necessary. Your email is a medium through which your solicited resume get to a potential employer. What they are after, is the content of your resume and cover letter.

Thank you for the job opportunity which I saw at this morning. Having read through the job specifications, my skills and experience match the job’s requirements.
Thank you!!!
Resume attached as requested

Looking at the above email body, it is straightforward. Mentioning where you saw the resume may not have any benefits to you but it does to the recruiter. Some pay to get jobs posted at different locations so you would be doing good if you indicate where the job opportunity was found. This helps them keep track of how effective the job posting was.

Attachment: Avoid writing anything close to the attached document. You should write
*Resume attached as requested* Three lines after the Thank you!!!. Before you upload your resume, ensure you’re using the best resume format and save it with your full name.

Let consider how to email an unsolicited resume.

Unsolicited resume email is quite difficult. Unlike a solicited resume where the same format can be used by thousands of job seekers, emailing an unsolicited resume requires creativity and knowledge.

Emailing an unsolicited resume simply means sending your resume to a company that is not hiring. This means you have to research the available department you can fit in or find missing or weak job positions and the company’s contact email preferably the HR contact.

Subject line: Remember, they are not expecting resumes. Your subject line would determine if the second click after inbox notification would open your email or send to spam. Your subject line must get their attention. A good example of an unsolicited email subject line to a telecommunications industry would be;

Digital Transformation Specialist – Resume Attached.

While sending solicited resume email requires you to include your name in the subject line, unsolicited email does not. Your job title is enough to attract attention especially if no such job position exists within the company or a position at an expert level.

Email body: This part requires an introduction. Whosoever will receive your email is not expectant. Before your attached documents can be opened, your email body must have done a convincing job of arousing the employer’s interest. Unsolicited resume email is suitable for a professional or experienced job seeker.

For example,
I am a digital transformation specialist with 12 experience. I have been following up XYZ company on Twitter and LinkedIn for 7months and would love to be a part of the team
I found your contact info via LinkedIn so thought to reach out to you directly. I appreciate you taking the time to through my resume.
Attached documents
[Short paragraph on what you have done on the previous or current job and can you offer to the new company]
Best regards,
[Full Name]
[Phone #]

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