How to Resolve Cancelled or Withheld WAEC result

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It is a joyful thing to hear that WAEC result had been released but so much pain and frustration to see your result been cancelled or withheld. Seriously, WAEC will never tell you why they withheld or cancelled your result. They don’t owe you that favour. You either wait for your result to be released if withheld or give up if cancelled.

The purpose of this page is not for you to give up easily. I designed this page for you to get access to WAEC head office and demand reasons why your result is been withheld or cancelled.

In case you don’t know, without WAEC or any other O level result, you cannot be given admission into Nigeria universities. So it is a must for you to reach out to WAEC and demand answers.


What is the meaning of WAEC SSCE or GCE result withheld:

WAEC result withheld means your result is under scrutiny and may or may not be released and also subject to been cancelled. If your entire result is withheld, it may be cancelled or released after a decision had been made. But if only a subject or two was withheld, it will be released.

What is the meaning of WAEC SSCE or GCE result cancelled:

Cancelled WAEC result means your result, after scrutiny, had been found susceptible to malpractice or misconduct and therefore not validated for release. So many things can cause a cancelled result

  • Examination misconduct by you
  • Examination misconduct by your centre
  • Wrong information such as examination number and different use of names.
  • Missing answer script.


How to solve cancelled or withheld WAEC result.

It’s not easy to solve but you can at least you can try. It’s important to know the reason why your result was cancelled or withheld to avoid such mistake in the future. You should use the form below to start processing a resolve.

I cannot guarantee that WAEC will give you instant attention because other people will be contacting WAEC too on the same issue. One thing I know for sure is that WAEC will see your query and it’s up to them to answer.



Submit your WAEC/NECO/GCE result here. Let us find a course for you 😀 Even if a subject was cancelled, just submit the ones available. Don’t submit Civic education or trade subject.

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