A lot of job seekers chat me up to ask about the best resume format. Well, here you have it. The Minimalist resume is the best resume format. 97% of job seekers have never heard of this Minimalist Resume format—
The format of your resume is the first thing a recruiter would notice at first glance, it holds so much power and influence – Your resume format could spell the beginning or the end of your job search in an organisation.
Whether you’re sending your resume via email, portal or in printed form, you must consider the resume format. Look, there are no specific format or standard on how a resume should look like; so that means you have got to be creative and also follow the due order of simplicity.
You see, resume goes beyond booting up words; you need to think carefully about what the design, layout and font say about you as a professional. Recruiters have passed the age of reading from head to toe… That is bygone days. We are living on a fast track. After admission, it takes only 6 seconds to decide the fate of your resume. This is where a minimalist resume format takes effect.

Your resume should reveal everything at a glance. Is this possible? Yes. A recruiter should be able to notice for example; achievements and affiliation without hand tracing on your resume and this could only be achieved with Minimalist resume; the best resume format.
So what then is a Minimalist resume format? The type of resume format focuses on creativity and the elimination of unnecessary details. It is simple, concise and unclustered, usually in one or two pages. A minimalist resume addresses your job qualifications by making use of preferential resume structure.
Unlike chronological resume format where the work experience section receives the most emphasis, with items listed in order of most recent to oldest. The resume layout places the work experience section before skills and education.
While functional resumes lay more emphasis on skills before work experience and education. A minimalist resume, the best resume format takes glory on relevant information that can get you a job. Arrangements don’t matter. What comes first is your qualifying information that makes you the right candidate.
There are different sections in a Resume. For example;
Personal details
Career profile
Education/ Qualifications
Online presence
A minimalist, the best resume format makes use of necessary sections using a preferential structure.
For example, You can achieve a good resume profile with Personal details, Skills, Education, Affiliation and reference.
When a recruiter picks up a minimalist resume, he or she would be willing to read even if the resume ends up being irrelevant. But I strongly believe that after reading the 8 secrets, you will be able to produce a resume that is relevant and at the same time, attract interviews.

best resume format minimalist
Do you like the above minimalist resume? Make it yours

Benefits of the best resume format: Minimalist

  • If you are to stand out when recruiters sift through a pile of applications, a minimalist resume is your best bet. This type of resume is clear, concise, aesthetically pleasing and essential for job hunting.


  • Minimalist resume format organizes the contents of your resume and give it a more polished look by using simple accents, neatly arranged text, and neutral tones. You stand out from all the other applicants with this creativity.


  • It’s a jungle out there in the business world and it’s important you set yourself apart from the rest. Stand out to potential employers with this modern professional minimalist resume.


  • It creates a unique awareness amidst piles of resume and at the same time addresses the purpose of submission with relevant information


  • Please note that having a minimalist resume format does not guarantee you an automatic interview or job – No! The main purpose of a minimalist resume is to draw attention to your resume.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking colour and complex structure is the only way for your resume to stand out. And that’s reasonable — colour grabs attention easily. But it’s not the only way. When you make simple but smart choices for your design elements, even a largely grey colour scheme with a simple structure can get a lot of attention.
But wait… While reading, did you consider the disadvantages of using a minimalist resume?
is important I share this knowledge with you. Please, you should never submit a graphically designed resume online. Recruiters usually employ the use of ATS which feeds on a text. A graphic resume is better if your resume is requested on a hard copy.
But I don’t have design skill!
You don’t have great graphic-design skills, don’t worry – there are plenty of cheap, functional and eye-catching resume formats out there for you to download and personalize.
How do I create a minimalist resume?
Please do not burden yourself with these thoughts. There are good websites dedicated to providing you with minimalist resume designs you can ever imagine and if you want my service, you’re welcome!!

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