The heat in Lagos and how to cope

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I swear the heat in Lagos na die even air conditioner coughs. The heat in Lagos has been quite unbearable and coupled with the unstable nature of power supply, it is becoming difficult to cope. It is even more uncomfortable particularly at nights when it is hot and sweaty. Around 2 am the heat reached its peak. Sometimes I find it hard to eat hot food to avoid sweating profusely.

I thought something was wrong with me until I started hearing complains from passers-by concerning the heat in Lagos. I wonder how Northerners would react to such heat. Recently I received a WhatsApp message which reads

Dear all,

You would have noticed recently that the heat during the day and night have been unbearably high. According to Experts, this is as a result of heat waves stemming from the emission of greenhouse gases. The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm nights.

This preparation will require smart adaptation strategies and engaging in climate resilient practices to cope with the damage that has been done. The common effects of heat waves on humans are dehydration which can lead to fainting or death, chickenpox, heat rash, and psychological stress.

I went over to NIMET to know more about Lagos heat and I got this information.
Concerned about the extreme weather conditions being experienced across African countries, the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMET) has warned of the long term impacts of extreme weather conditions on lives and livelihood of citizens.

The Director-General, NiMET, Abuja Abubakar Mashi, said Nigeria is not immune to global extreme weather pattern due to its location, but warned that in the long run, it could have a devastating effect on the country. NiMET also noted that raining season may begin this month of April.

Over the weekend my friend finally opened up… See the screenshot below.

The heat in Lagos and effect

Complain about the heat in Lagos

How to cope with Lagos heat

  • Drink more water to keep hydrated.
  • Keep a water bottle with you to remind you to take water.
  • Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during this period.
  • Reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein (e.g. red meats, etc.) because they increase metabolic heat.
  • Feed on fresh fruits and vegetables which are better options.
  • Monitor your blood pressure to ensure you are within the normal range.
  • Stay indoors (in your house or office) between 12noon & 3 pm each day as much as possible.
  • Take cold-water baths before going to bed at night.

How are you coping?

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