Every year, students are faced with making a decision on which course to study in a higher institution. In fact, you make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions, each day. These decisions range from what to eat for breakfast to what to wear today. Other decisions require more thought, for example, which school to attend, and the required qualification. On this post, we will consider the decision to live on campus or off campus

Living On Campus

If you intend to apply for accommodation in the University hotel/halls, rooms are limited, it is important to get your application in early. Be it as it may, hasty decision-making could land you with an uncomfortable slot, a questionable smell or housemates that play havoc with your last nerve on a daily basis.

You’ll need to be clear on how long your contract is, as some will vary. Some university halls ask students to move out during the Christmas, Easter and long holidays so if you don’t want to clear out all your stuff during the holidays, it’s best to avoid these options.

The major advantage of staying on campus

  • Be a part of the community of students who live on or near campus. Living in a student residence gives you an opportunity to form close bonds through shared experiences with your peers and neighbours.
  • You will become part of an important support network as you help each other through assessments, exam periods, and the ups and downs of university life
  • You will always have quick access to information about classes and social events
  • Free access to electricity and water
  • There is a Logbook for visitors
  • Quick access to school medical centre
  • Encourage minimalist living


The disadvantage of staying on campus

  • No privacy
  • Can’t choose your roommate
  • Visitors can only visit at scheduled hours
  • You cannot visit opposite sex except on scheduled hours
  • Male and Female student live distance apart
  • Every student evacuate the hall during a long holiday


Living Off-campus

If you’re planning on stay off-campus, then resist the symptoms of housing fever and relax: there are way more student houses than students; so you won’t end up homeless. Follow our survival guide and you’ll be fine:

  • Look at plenty of houses before committing to one – there’s no rush.
  • Don’t fall for ‘this is the last house available’, University environment is crammed full of student houses! with exception to new universities
  • Decide on important aspects and insist on them: double glazing, fire alarms, good locks, especially if the crime rate is high in your area.
  • Consider location: The University may have other campuses. Depending on what you are studying, there may be occasions when you need to travel to other campuses.
  • Transportation: You will need to think about transport, especially if you choose to live off campus. Is your accommodation close enough to your university (so you’ll be able to get to lectures easily) or the centre of the school environment Remember, being more central will help save on lots of taxi fares even if the rent is slightly higher.
  • Choose flatmates wisely – best friends aren’t necessarily best housemates (and moving in with the guy/girl you fancy is just asking for trouble!)
  • Keep your parents involved in the process – they’ve probably been through it all before.
  • Know your rights when it comes to agents – they shouldn’t be charging you to look at houses

The major advantage of staying off-campus

  • Enjoy privacy
  • Can choose roommate
  • A visitor can visit you any time any day
  • Male and Female student live closely (possibly room apart)
  • You can leave your belongings safe during long holidays


The disadvantage of staying off-campus

  • Pay to have access to Electricity and possibly water
  • Maybe far from lecture halls
  • You will not always have quick access to information about classes and social events

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