Are you one of the many out there who like to reach the apex of everything you get into? From start to finish and the very full stop of that career? Or are you among the lots who want to exert a change in your career? You have found out that there’s more to your field and would like to pen down your name alongside other sung heroes of your field of expertise. Well, the feather of a PhD program should be added to your academic cap.

Formal education can be so intoxicating for some people (quite a handful) that they’d become so insatiably thirsty for more academic heights even as they pursue individual careers.

There are those who’d just want to get a Bachelor’s degree ( that could land them a job and get them off the unemployed population. While some want to advance to a Master’s degree or Master of Science (MS) to better equip themselves with a larger chunk of the theoretical aspects of their careers. Which would also invariably improve their paycheque.

At the peak of academic excellence is the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Yea, I know right now you’re thinking Philosophy, I have no interest in studying philosophy in academia
Well, rest your minds.

PhD is the title given to the program that trains, certifies, and bestows on you the title of Doctor after achieving a PhD degree in your bag when you didn’t pursue a career in medicine. It literally doesn’t lead you down the path of philosophy.

Now you have made up your mind to pull this last thread, venture into another phase of your career that would surge your reputation in the society to a large extent and of course improve your finances. There’s just one tiny little bitsy hiccup called the Time factor. The requirements for a PhD demands attaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in your field of study which comes with a lot of engagements in your career tugging with family and societal needs.

Already trying to find the balance with time, there is little or no space at all to sit under a formal setting to receive lectures that’d run for hours, there is the issue of location for the desired institution. Also, there are cost implications as the PhD degree is quite very expensive.

Hence, the need to enroll for and attend classes online at affordable prices. In this article, I have searched for and found some affordable, actually the cheapest PhD programs in the world. There are so many of them after careful scrutiny, 5 have been selected I’ll be listing them in no particular order below.

Cheapest Online PhD Programs around the World

Important Notice:
All the tuition fees as listed in this post have been verified and valid for the 2022 academic session! However, for the US schools, the annual tuition fees are estimates based on our calculations using the verified tuition cost per credit hour.

Aspen University, USA – D.Ed. in Leadership and Learning – Organizational Leadership.
Aspen University is one of the accredited universities in the world known to offer cheap online PhD programs for different fields of study. Looking at the plans, if you choose the monthly plan, you’ll be paying for up to 6 years if you choose the monthly payment plan, while the program takes only 3 years to complete.

  • Fees: $27,000 (NGN10,46,2230) For the total cost of program or pay
  • Monthly: $375 (NGN145,308.75) for a period of 80 months.
  • Yearly: ($4,500 (NGN1,743,705) for 6 years
    or pay
  • Yearly: $9,000(NGN3,487,410) for 3 years.
  • Total Credit: 60
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Here is a to their official website for more detailed information.

University of Missouri, USA – Doctor of Nursing Practice (Online).
The University of Missouri, another accredited university in the United States of America (USA) that offers some of the cheapest online PhD programs in the world. This university has four colleges and schedules multiple online doctoral programs through all four them. While some of these programs have an on-campus attendance requirement, most of the coursework component remains accessible online.

  • Fees: Estimated at $20,662 (NGN8,006,318) cost for the MS to DNP for the full program
    or Pay
  • Yearly: $5,165.5 (NGN2,001,385.85)
  • Total Credit Hours: 38
  • Duration (MS to DNP): 4 years
  • Mode of Delivery: Online.
  • Full-Time & Part-Time

Besides the University of Missouri’s affordable online doctorate degree tuition, she also provides diverse scholarship programs varying from $1000-4000 every year to qualified applicants across the globe. Currently offering a program for Doctor of Nursing practice, Here is a link for more information.

Teesside University, UK:
This University’s DBA is among the least of the cheapest doctorate programs in the world for international students.
Here is a link for more information.

  • Program: Business Administration (DBA)
  • Mode of Delivery: (Online).
  • Fees: £4,700 (NGN1,821,203) or $5,718.82 (NGN2,215,985)
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Mode of Delivery: Online Full-time & Part-Time

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA:
The University of Arkansas, U of A, boasts of a good number of cheap online PhD programs. Its Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is one. This program provides professional preparation for students pursuing careers as principals, other building-level administrators, and supervisors in public and private schools. It is also for you if you want to become a superintendent and other central office personnel; a federal and state governmental agency officials; and other educational leadership related professionals.

  • Program: Online Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.
  • Fees: $430.69 (NGN166,888) per credit hour or $18,088.98 (NGN7,009,263) for the full program cost.
  • Year: $6,029.66 (2,336,177.2)
  • Total Credit Hours: 42
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode of Delivery: Online and On-campus Seminar

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), UK:
UCLan is ranked among the Universities with the cheapest PhD programs available to you from anywhere in the world. Well designed for both experienced practitioners in business, industry, and the professions, eagerly seeking to gain a professional doctorate degree through a part-time research-orientated program. At the end of this DBA program, you’ll be granted the same status and title Doctor (Dr.) Just as the PhD and permits after successful and satisfactory completion.

  • Program: Doctor of Business Administration DBA.
  • Fees: £5000 or $6,083.85 Year 1 – 5. £1000 or $1,216.77 Year 5 – 7.
  • Duration: Four-Seven years
  • Delivery Mode: Mixed Mode & Part-time.

Here is a link for more information.

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