Success in business is driven by providing goods and services that consumers need and want. This course (Marketing) covers how to achieve such success through analyses of companies, customers, and competitors, and making the right decisions regarding what products to offer, and how to price, promote, and distribute them.

Students completing a degree in marketing will be able to:

  • Understand the decision-making processes of buyers and sellers in a market
  • Comprehend the role and impacts of marketing in society
  • Apply behavioural models and quantitative tools to the analysis of marketing issues
  • Develop informed marketing strategies
  • Work effectively in a team environment

Marketing is an everyday language but also a degree course programme that is studied in the university. Do you want to know why customers choose certain products and brands and what influences these decisions Come behind the advertising jingles to investigate the real world of marketing. Studying Marketing provides you with the understanding and skills needed to align customer needs to an organisation’s output of goods, services or information.

The Marketing course provides business students with the analytical tools for the following strategic decisions for the firm: which markets and customers to serve, with which products and services, and how it will compete. Students study the management of customers, distribution channels, products and brands, communications, and pricing and the use of information for marketing decisions.

Marketing is about how best one can communicate the value of a product, service or brand to customers, buyers or consumers, for the purpose of eventually selling that product, service, or brand. It used to be that marketing was primarily done via word of mouth, and then who could shout that word the loudest. The theory remains the same; the practice has changed considerably.

The benefit of studying Marketing

Marketing is a degree which will prepare you for a wide range of careers. Among the reasons why one may study marketing is because you get to build a solid foundation of business skills, not just in sales. If you’re interested in business, psychology or social studies then this is the degree for you. Marketing covers everything from advertising to market research, so it appeals to a wide variety of students.

Marketing benefits society in general by improving people’s lives in two ways. First, it facilitates trade. Secondly, it helps people choose what is best for them. Marketing is one of the core activities of all organisations, and is about planning and executing the selling and/or promotion of a firm’s product.

Studies in marketing will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful career in this exciting business discipline, across specialised areas such as market research, promotion and advertising, and strategic marketing management. And don’t forget, you can study Marketing bachelor’s degree online

A marketing student learns about advertising, consumer behaviour, marketing research, brand management, among other marketing techniques and concepts. Graduates usually enter companies in sales, research, or assistant buyer positions. They can expect to be promoted to brand management, sales supervision, or general management positions. Many firms expect all employees to have strong marketing backgrounds.

Let’s go a little deeper
This course will provide you with an understanding of marketing and its relationship to the successful management of today’s business organizations. It focuses on how managers assess the environment and make business decisions based on available evidence or in the face of incomplete market information and rapidly changing markets. When you study marketing course you will learn how to develop marketing strategies that drive profitability, such as choosing a market segment to target and deciding how to differentiate products or services from the competitions.

Another good reason why you should study marketing course is that you will know how to investigate marketing concepts in the context of real problems. Topics such as market segmentation, marketing channels, competitive intelligence, integrated marketing, product development and commercialization, consumer behaviour, and product and services marketing are covered. Students apply these and other concepts to develop marketing solutions commonly required in real-world enterprises.

Students examine basic marketing functions and the execution of successful marketing processes. You will gain a fundamental understanding of marketing concepts, practices, terminology, associated technologies, and practical applications including customer relationship management

Core courses within Marketing are:

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Marketing
  • International Marketing.
  • Business Law
  • Procurement
  • Marketing Principles

Were you convinced?

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