A positive learning environment is often one where learners feel they are learning and making progress. A positive nurturing environment is an indispensable part of learning. It is an environment where learners feel they are learning and making progress. In a positive learning environment, students have desires to learn and the process of learning becomes something that students easily adapt to and look forward to.

The elements essential to the development, implementation and maintenance of positive learning environments are: leadership; inclusion; student voice; partnerships; and support provide the foundation for enhanced student wellbeing and learning outcomes.

10 Elements Of Positive Learning Environment

Leadership: Principals and instructors play are an active role in constructing positive learning environments that are inclusive of the whole educational community, and where all educational community members feel included connected, safe and respected. Leadership needs to be visible and obvious to all.
Student Voice: Students are key stakeholders within educational communities and as such are active participants in cultivating their own learning and wellbeing, feeling connected and using their social and emotional skills to be respectful, resilient and safe.
Partnerships: Support for student learning, safety and wellbeing requires effective school, family and community collaboration and partnerships.
A supportive, caring and inclusive community

  • Individuals feel welcomed, valued, respected and free from discrimination and harassment;
  • Connectedness and opportunities to develop deep personal connections between individuals and groups
  • A sense of belonging;
  • Feeling safe;
  • Treated fairly;
  • Positive peer and adult relationships where positive relationships have an affirmative influence on learning, which in turn contributes to satisfaction, productivity and achievement

Pro-social values

  • The promotion of pro-social values including core values such were respect, trust, kindness, understanding, acceptance, honesty, compassion, acceptance of difference, fairness, responsibility care and inclusion.
  • The presence of daily rituals that embed core values such as greetings, and visual images

Physical & emotional safety

  • The presence of anti-bullying, anti-harassment and anti-violence strategies, policies, procedures and programs promote a positive learning environment.

Social & emotional competencies

  • The presence of social and emotional coping skills, self-awareness, emotional regulation skills, empathy, goal achievement skills, relationship skills promote a positive learning environment.
  • Effective emotional intelligence competencies a positive learning environment by facilitating the identification, processing, and regulation of emotion as well as assisting in managing stress more effectively.
  • Resilience is essential to successfully adapt to and respond to complex or threatening life experiences and fast-paced, challenging contemporary societal conditions.
  • Positive self-efficacy is essential to producing positive productive performance. It also determines how an individual thinks, feels, and motivates themselves, thereby increasing the potential for a positive learning environment.

A strengths-based approach

  • Having a focus on identifying and developing individual intellectual and character strengths promotes a positive learning environment.

A sense of meaning and purpose

  • An intentional involvement in active pursuits and such as “socialising and participating in {one or more} spirituality activities; community service; appreciating life, art/culture; and engaging in meaningful activities” are elements of a positive learning environment.

Healthy lifestyle

  • Engaging in exercise, having good nutrition and avoiding avoidance of harmful substances promote a positive learning environment.

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