Different ways to contact Facebook about a problem

Every day, approximately 280,000 users are competing with you to get Facebook customer attention and report a problem. With over 1.3 billion monthly active users and 20,000 users per seconds, one can expect to face some difficulties when making use of Facebook.
In the US alone, there is a record of 27,000 search queries on “how do I contact Facebook about a problem”. That’s the US alone, now imagine other countries with heavy Facebook usage. It’s not news that a lot of Facebook users encounter problems on a daily basis.
The most common reasons why users may want to contact Facebook and report a problem are;

  • User’s accounts had been hacked
  • Banned from marketplace
  • Account Ads flagged for unusual activities,
  • Unable to boost ads
  • Unable to login
  • Policy Violation
  • Change Facebook Langauge

While some of these problems could be resolved from the Facebook help page, others may require you to contact Facebook customer service. Now, with so many users competing with you to report a problem to Facebook, you should not expect an instant response. Moreover, Facebook does not live chat.

Facebook direct contact phone number

Facebook does not have a direct phone number so beware of scammers out there. If you see any Facebook toll free contact number on the internet aside from 650-543-4800, then that you are seeing a fake number. Facebook does not have a contact number for regular Facebook users.
650-543-4800 is Facebook’s best toll-free number or Facebook call centre number. No real customer service agent from Facebook would pick the phone. Whenever you call that number, you will get an automated response from IVR or robotic phone menu system which of course is opened 24/7.

Facebook contact email

Facebook does not have a direct email. The only way to contact facebook is through the following buttons below. There is a user-customized page on facebook where users can get answers to their query but no direct email contact.

But why does Facebook not have live support?

Because it will be impossible to cater to all its users. Facebook is a nation of its own. Billions of people use Facebook for personal use as well as professional use. With Facebook, you can connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Moreover, Facebook sits at the front row when it comes to promoting business and meeting new clients.
In other to avoid the cumbersome queue of queries, Facebook developed a robust automated help to problems. It was designed to solve 70% of problems users may want to contact Facebook. For example

  • Unable to login
  • Unable to reset password
  • Account is hacked
  • Restore Facebook deleted Account

Can Gethuman.com help me with my Facebook problems?

Gethuman can only help if it’s something that can be resolved by going through Facebook comprehensive help guide. In short, it is stated clearly that Gethuman and Facebook are not related. They also render assistant to Amazon users, Verizon and the likes. If they can’t resolve your problem with their free suggestions, they will connect you to an expert for a reasonable price. Approximately 25$ – 40 per issue. Of course, there is no guarantee that your issue will be resolved.

How to contact Facebook about a problem

Remember I said earlier that you cannot contact the Facebook support team directly, either does Facebook support chat. I remember telling you also that the support number or Facebook call centre number is answered by IVR not human. For every problem on Facebook, there is an approach to the solution.

How to contact Facebook to report a banned Account.

Facebook account could be banned for various reasons and most often, their Help Center isn’t enough and the need to contact Facebook directly becomes a neccessity. You can use the button below to report banned Facebook account.
Unlock Facebook Account


Facebook account or business page got hacked.

Every day, thousands of Facebook users complain of their account been control by another unauthorized person. This simply means the account has been hacked. Once you start noticing strange post and usual profile updates, your account may have been hacked. Most often anyone whose account is hacked will no longer have access to their Facebook account. To claim back your account, click the button below.
Reclaim Account  

Facebook business page related problems.

Facebook take much interest in problem related business page, therefore may response faster than a regular login issue. Most Facebook business page problems are centered around “flagged for usual activities ” This will limit page admin from boosting ads or other administrative activities. Click on the button below and choose the proper option that match your current issue.
For those who cannot log in into their Facebook account, or any issue relating to account login click the button below.
This is the most common problem with Facebook. There is a comprehensive guide on how to get back your account when you click on the button.
Resolve login  
For those having issues with technical know-how and in need of support, click the button.
Facebook will never respond to problem relating to technical know-how. If you’re new to facebook or you are not familiar with some Facebook menu, you can use the button. Clicking this button will direct you to Facebook community page where you will get 24/7 help on issues related to technical know-how.
How will I know if Facebook received my query and how will I get a reply from them.
It is very easy to get notification whenever Facebook give reply to your query. You can click on the button below. From here also, you can see if Facebook received you query successfully.
Support inbox  
Please take note! From the statistics above it is glaring that Facebook has a lot of active users, but doesn’t have a lot of employees, so be patient for a response. If you try to flood them with queries, you get on their nerves. At best, you have no effect on them. Facebook has something like 250,000 active users for every employee.
Tips for those whose account was hacked.
Facebook always notify users anytime the email associated with your Facebook account is changed by sending you an email update message on your previous email account with a special link. If you did not initiate the changes, you can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account.
Tips for those who can’t log in into their Facebook account but have trusted contact enabled.
To get access to the Facebook account through Trusted Contacts:

  1. Go to facebook.com on a computer, then click Forgot account? on the login page.
  2. If prompted, find your account by entering your email, phone, username or full name and click Search.
  3. Look at the list of email addresses listed on your account. If you don’t have access to any of these, click No longer have access to these?
  4. Enter a new email or phone that you know you can access and click Continue.
  5. Click Reveal My Trusted Contacts and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts.
  6. You’ll see a set of instructions that includes a special link. The link contains a recovery code that only your Trusted Contacts can access.

To get the recovery code from your Trusted Contacts:

  1. Send your friend the link and ask them to open it.
  2. Their link will have a login code. Ask them to give the login code to you.
  3. Use the recovery codes from your trusted contacts to access your account.

Good luck!

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