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I read through Wikihow on how to treat hot water burn from home but those are a long process and not good for the first-degree burn. I had had my fair share of hot water burn so what you’re to learn is real.
No need for long stories… hot water burn is often an oversight accident and before complains and blames, treat yourself first asap. When such accident occurs,

  • The first step is to stay calm don’t fret or freak out.
  • The second step is to pour ordinary or cool water on the affected part. Just water, don’t use a towel to dry up.
  • The third step is to get a raw egg and smash gently on a concrete floor
  • The fourth step – scrap the spilt egg and rub gently on the affected parts
  • The fifth step – let it dry out for 7 hours
  • Six step – rinse the affected part with water… Water only.

If the hot water spilt on the victim’s cloth, pour ordinary or cool water on the affected part first before removing the cloth and apply the raw egg.
From this point, you’re good but after two days depending on your body system, you will notice a dark spot appear on the burnt part and you would have the urge to itch – please don’t.
I beg you, do not itch the affected part or peel out the dark spot. Leave it alone for few more days and when you start noticing that the dark spot is peeling out itself, then you can safely peel the rest.

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