Student Home Remedy for Gastric and Peptic Stomach Ulcer

Gastric and Peptic Stomach Ulcer sickness is synonymous with student life. A stomach ulcer simply refers to as an internal injury. This can easily be caused by the swallowing of a sharp object or by worms when they start eating the intestine for lack of food. Gastric or Peptic Stomach Ulcer makes a student life unbearable because it restricts eating certain types of foods like pepper, guava, hot drinks etc and the pain when triggered is unbearable.

Common stomach ulcers are

  • Gastric Ulcer – Burning sensation in the neck region, back region or chest (heartburn), regurgitating
  • Peptic Ulcer – Severe pain in the abdomen or affect part

cure stomach ulcer unripe plantain

A stomach ulcer can be easily be cured completely with natural means. All you must do is

  1. Get 8 pieces of unripe plantains (natural iron that is capable of curing internal injuries)
  2. Remove the coverage and slice or pound the plantains
  3. Put the pounded plantains inside a gallon that contains 4 litres of water
  4. Allow step 3 to ferment for 3 days only
  5. After 3 days, shake very well and take 1 full cup at night after a meal for a period of 1 month.


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