It has always been said that making the world a better place requires individual efforts. Well, that is true. While we all agree that it takes individual effort to change the world, certain people have taken it upon themselves to better humanity. In the world today, there are various challenges that are being faced, but social work as a profession has been helping to solve them. This practice-based profession is one that has thrived on the oars of hobbies which is why building hobbies based on interests in social work is essential.

Hobbies related to social work are activities engaged in during leisure that are directly or indirectly affiliated with social work. In other words, these hobbies in whatever way build skills that are valuable in social work. Whether you are applying to study in this field, or you are a professional already, these hobbies play a significant role in career growth and development. In this article, we will be highlighting various hobby ideas related to social work. They include;

  1. Volunteering: Volunteering is a natural activity in social work. It presents you with an opportunity to give back to your community while growing personally. There are so many challenges that need solutions out there, and you can volunteer in any organization based on passion and interests to tackle them.
  2. Team Sports: Learning to work with others is notably advantageous to social work. Playing team sports teaches you how to work with others to achieve a common goal. You get to build interpersonal skills and communication skills which will help you in social work.
  3. Mentoring: Being a mentor to young people, especially those just finding their footing from various setbacks, can be a satisfying hobby. Mentoring helps you provide standards to help them navigate through life to make positive life choices.
  4. Reading: Reading about various challenges out there and how to tackle them is profitable in social work. In your leisure time, you can read articles and materials related to social work.
  5. Writing: Writing as a hobby related to social work presents you with the opportunity to channel your passion to create awareness about humanity’s problems that need solutions. You can write materials that highlight the challenges being experienced around the world and provide what you think can be the solution to the problem. Writing is essential in social work as it is a tool through which challenges are publicized and solutions are gotten.
  6. Advocacy: You can make a difference in your leisure time by advocating for social justice. You can join protests rallies, and online activism to fight for social change.
  7. Counseling: Being a part of social work means you will be exposed to vulnerable people who have had bitter experiences. You can volunteer to counsel such people and be a part of their support system, so they get better. Counseling also involves being ready to listen and offer advice to help them navigate through life.
  8. Arts and Crafts: You can make various DIY crafts that are purposeful for a social impact. You can also put your love for the arts into use by expressively creating materials to raise funds for charities and other social work organizations.
  9. Traveling: Traveling is a normal activity in social work. Traveling exposes you to different people, cultures, and traditions, and also, the various challenges they may be experiencing. This hobby equips you with how to interact with people and adapt easily to a new environment.
  10. Language Learning: Learning a new language in your leisure time teaches you to appreciate various traditions and cultural diversity. As a hobby related to social work, it breaches the cultural gap and creates an environment of understanding to solve issues.

Other hobbies related to social work include;

  • Educational workshops
  • Music therapy
  • Networking
  • Fundraising events
  • Animal welfare
  • Outdoor activities

These hobbies related to social work help to develop soft skills like empathy, active listening, etc. All of which are valuable to this field. These hobbies can be included in your CV, because they act as proof that you are aware of the requirements in the profession, and you are qualified and well experienced to carry them out.

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