Music is an expression of the mind, a string through which the waves of creativity are harnessed and released. It creates a connection with people, culture, and tradition through sounds and melodies. Hence, its universal acceptance and importance to humans and everything that pertains to them.

Music is usually treated as a hobby or an object of leisure engagement. It started as being an important aspect to maintain and pass down culture but has since evolved into a career path, that gives room for relatable minds to unleash their emotions through creativity. To have a successful career in music, certain skills are commanded and expected. These skills help to shape and develop your career in the industry. And luckily, they can be learned as hobbies. 

Hobbies related to music are activities associated with music, engaged during your leisure time for fun and satisfaction. Hobbies related to music are valuable activities that are engaged in for career development, fun, and learning purposes. There are many reasons why a hobby is indulged in. Whether you are looking for the right hobby to fit in your CV, or you are just on the search for any hobby to engage in. This article will expose you to hobbies related to music that you can engage in and have fun.

Hobbies related to music have direct or indirect impacts on your everyday life once indulged in. They go on to affect your relationship with others while helping you manage emotions and ideas. Some of these hobbies are;

  1. Singing: Singing is the most common hobby associated with music. You can enroll for vocal training classes in your leisure time to learn how to sing. Get knowledge online and on-site from experienced coaches and understand the basics and techniques to know how to sing well. 
  2. Composing: Get acquainted with your music style and create your own sound from scratch, relative to any genre you like. In your leisure time, you can compose your own songs from whatever genre you like.
  3. Listening to Music: Music is an important part of our daily life. And another way it holds such esteemed role to man is because they are tied to the kind of music you listen to. Listening to music helps to avoid emotions, ease stress, improve retentive memory, and help to pull you through your daily activities. In your leisure time, listen to different genres of music, explore the music world, and broaden your musical scope.
  4. Songwriting: Creatively express your thoughts and emotions by songwriting. In your leisure time, you can write lyrics, create memories, and have fun while making music.
  5. Playing an Instrument: You can learn how to play an instrument as a hobby. Enroll in classes and master that musical instrument you have always loved. Learning how to play an instrument aids in songwriting and composing. Build interest in this hobby and make music wherever you can, whenever you can.
  6. Attending Musical Concerts/Events: Indulge yourself in spending time in concert with your favorite artists. Meet new friends, have fun, and broaden your music scope. These events help you explore new musical sounds as you express your love for these artists and their music.
  7. Performing: You can carry out performances in your leisure time for friends and family as a hobby related to music. You can join a music band or go solo to showcase your talents and skills to an audience.
  8. Recording: You can record verses, covers, jingles, etc. in your leisure time. Make your music versatile and relatable and get creative in front of the mic as you record and share your sounds with the world.
  9. Social Media: The use of social media today is not limited to communication alone. You can create musical content and post it on your social media handles. Social media as a hobby related to music is a marketing avenue to consume and promote different kinds of music. You can take advantage of this in your leisure time and share your music to a global audience through social media. 
  10.  Music Production: As a hobby related to music, you can learn how to utilize tools like DAWs to produce, mix, and master your own music. Learn how to design and create melodious sounds. And make perfect harmony with your skill.

Other hobbies related to Music include; 

  • Creative writing
  • Photography and Videography
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Organizing music shows and events
  • Volunteering
  • Music history
  • Djing
  • Jamming with friends
  • Soundtrack composition
  • Sound engineering

These hobbies related to music are valuable for those who want to chase a career or take their career to the next level. These hobbies help to hone both soft skills and hard skills that guarantee career success. You can pick one that interests you, build a skill with it, and have fun while learning

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