10 Polite Way To Say Gifts Optional (Wedding and Birthday)

How To Say No Gifts On Invitation

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Whether at weddings or birthday parties, gifts are a cultural expectation the same way gifts and kids are twins. The exchange of gifts is primarily is an exchange of love. However, there comes a time when we don’t want gifts from invitees or make gift optional. I have seen invitees holding back because they don’t have anything to give the celebrant.

If you are here seeking a polite way to say a Gift is optional either for a birthday or wedding please pick from any of the options below.


  1. Your present is worth a thousand gifts
  2. Do you know “gift is optional”? Oh! now you know.
  3. Having received this invitation card, means you are aware that a gift is optional.
  4. Hurray! There is no wedding registry.
  5. Gift or No Gift, Come.
  6. No Gifts (honour the request)
  7. Coming with an empty hand? Please come. Let’s celebrate!
  8. Instead of gifts, donate here
  9. When you see someone in our midst with a gift, don’t feel bad. Remember this *Gift is Optional*
  10. Don’t hold back. We want you, not your gift.


Best Place to Place “No Gift” on an Invitation card

polite way to say gift optional

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