Best Commercial/Social Science Courses for Commercial students

There are over 100 commercial courses. Of course, you will have to choose one of these commercial courses to study at university. While some students had envisioned what they wish to study due to some sort of internal or external influence, some still find it difficult to choose.

Fatherprada had come up with 10 top lists of best commercial courses in Nigeria [current_year] after much research and study. This list includes a short course description, career prospects, admission requirements and the few universities in Nigeria to study the best commercial courses.

Now please be aware that these lists of top best commercial courses do not condemn other courses or deem them irrelevant. You can choose to study what you like. I only made these best commercial courses available to those who still find it difficult to choose a particular commercial course to study. Moreover, this list is also based on job availability.

  1. Office and Information Management
  2. Public Administration
  3. Transport and Planning
  4. Business Administration
  5. Accounting/Accountancy
  6. Political Science
  7. Human Resources Management
  8. Mass Communication
  9. Economics
  10. Marketing
  11. Psychology


Psychology is one of the best commercial course to study at university. It is not a course for Art students only, even a commercial student can study this course.  Psychology will introduce to the major areas of contemporary psychology: clinical science, human cognition and cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and social psychology.

Students who study Psychology have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during industrial placement and graduates do well in a wide range of careers. Some have gone on to qualify as clinical, forensic or occupational psychologists.

Others have found careers in related subjects such as therapy, teaching and social work, or have gone into professions where communication skills are important, such as public relations, marketing, publishing or media work. Psychology equips you with general critical, analytical and problem-solving skills, which you can apply in a wide range of different settings; this puts you in a strong position when looking for employment. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.


Marketing is one of the best commercial course to study at university. Studying Marketing provides you with the understanding and skills needed to align customer needs to an organisation’s output of goods, services or information.

Marketing course provides students with the analytical tools for the following strategic decisions for the firm: which markets and customers to serve, with which products and services, and how it will compete. Students study the management of customers, distribution channels, products and brands, communications, and pricing and the use of information for marketing decisions.

Among the reasons why Marketing is one of the best commercial course is because you get to build a solid foundation of business skills, not just in sales. Marketing covers everything from advertising to market research, psychology and social studies.

Another good reason why you should study marketing course is that you will know how to investigate marketing concepts in the context of real problems. Topics such as market segmentation, marketing channels, competitive intelligence, integrated marketing, product development and commercialization, consumer behaviour etc.. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.


Economics is one of the best commercial courses to study at university. Economics isn’t just about money, but about resources of all kinds. Economists investigate! They may work in the fields of public finances, industrial organization economics, financial economics, international economics, macroeconomics and microeconomics.

The federal government alone employs close to half of all economists. In government roles, these professionals predict funding and spending needs, study the economic ramifications of policies and laws and gather and evaluate information about the national economy, ranging from employment rates to trends in the prices of goods and services.

Other economists find employment with private corporations, where they evaluate the demand for and sales of a product or service and advice business leaders on how the economy will influence their success and how they can improve their profits. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.

Mass Communication:

Mass Communication is also one of the best commercial courses in Nigeria universities. Been an interdisciplinary course of study, opens up doors to a spectrum of careers, from advertising and broadcasting to public relations and publishing. Students studying mass communication are usually interested in careers in journalism, broadcasting, digital communication, or media management and sales.

Mass Communication seeks to have a general understanding of the society and therefore endeavours to monitor and report the activities of government institutions, social and political development. It is usually understood to relate newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, as well as radio, television and film, even via the internet as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news and advertising.

Graduates usually find a job as Media Planner, Journalist, Audio/Video, Producer, Media Buyer, Publisher, Copywriter, Videographer, News Media Specialist, Public Relations,  Specialist Photojournalist, Broadcast Manager, Print or Online Editor, etc.. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.

Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is also one of the best commercial courses in Nigeria universities. A human resource management bachelor’s degree equips you with the necessary tools to enter an HR career in a variety of business settings. This course includes a comprehensive overview of human resources principles and practices, business and technology training and communication courses.

Students can expect a human resources bachelor’s program to include core business training in areas, such as accounting, finance, information technology and marketing. Additionally, most programs require an array of general education courses to meet various general studies distributions and also allow room for electives.

HRM studies focus on people-related policies and systems. They are also concerned with the change in organisations and industrial relations, such as recruitment, talent management, employee development and motivation, and compensation.

HRM graduates have many career choices. You can stay a generalist and climb the career ladder into a management role, or specialise in the aspects of the career you like best. Careers include human resource management, industrial relations management, training and development, recruitment and talent management and consulting. HRM specialists are employed in every industry and across all sectors. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.

Office And Information Management:

Office And Information Management is also one of the best commercial courses in Nigerian universities. According to statistics, there is an increased demand for office managers and administrators. The course is designed to develop mature and articulate minds for the purpose of effective management and administration of business information and information technology, induce a change in this complex and ever-changing global e-business environment.

Office management degrees are designed to help students familiarize themselves with the tools and skills that are required in the corporate world. These academic credentials allow students to potentially give a boost to their career and open up new job opportunities for them.

Today’s businesses call for individuals with specialized skills, which is why only highly skilled professionals can successfully address the intricacies of the workplace. Earning an office management degree is essential for candidates who seek to apply for challenging jobs within various industries.

There is an increased demand for an individual with strong leadership and communication skills as these individuals can manage offices in an effective way. Hiring such professionals helps companies maximize their productivity and returns. This is why earning office management degrees is a wise decision for students. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.

Transport and Planning:

Transport and Planning is also one of the best commercial courses in Nigeria universities. Transportation business in Nigeria can be very profitable, looking at the fact that every single day thousands of people travel around the country, and as such touches almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. This course encourages you to address the challenges ahead for developing the transport systems of tomorrow.

Transport and Planning is unique in offering you an opportunity to study different aspects of transport including planning, policy, operation and management, as well as other areas of urban planning. The course will explain and demonstrate the principles and practice of transport scheme appraisal and evaluation and will enable you to understand and use statistical and modelling methods for analysing travel behaviour and a range of transport options.

You will be able to critically appraise a range of transport policies for promoting greater sustainability at national, regional and local levels, and to design transport policies at the local level that respond to the economic, social, health and environmental challenges of the society. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.

Political Science:

Political Science is also one of the best commercial courses in Nigeria universities. If you have an interest in politics, then a career as a political scientist might be the right choice for you. Although you don’t need a degree in Political science to join politics, having one put you at the top angle.

Political scientists investigate every aspect of politics, from how political systems originated and progressed to how they currently operate and from political trends and new political policies and ideas. As scientists, they study existing research, develop theories and collect and analyse data that range from qualitative, like historical texts, to quantitative, like the statistics behind election results and surveys.

Areas of emphasis within the political science are Nigeria politics and public law, international relations and comparative politics, public administration and public policy, and political theory and methodology.
So, where do political scientists find jobs? Political scientists work within the government and much more work for political parties. They also find employment with labour organizations, news agencies, academic or research institutions and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about this course, subject combinations and universities offering it.
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