Paypal Login and How to Reset PayPal Password

Everyone using the internet on daily basis would have heard about Paypal and on this article, I will show you how to easily login to PayPal my account and also how to reset Paypal account password. I will not use this page to teach you how to register a PayPal account, that will be in another article.

PayPal which is by far the biggest internet payment service provider is an electronic commerce company that has become a widely accepted method of payment both online and offline between parties. PayPal gives you the ability to accept payment online quickly and securely without having to use a credit card frequently. Though it still required the owner identification and proof of funds.

Credit cards are only required at the signup phase. And if you are paying a Paypal customer without having an existing Paypal account, you will have to make use of your credit card during transactions.
PayPal is known for 24/7 fraud detection monitoring, which alerts you if suspicious activity is detected and whether you are making online payments, sending money online, or transferring money to your bank account.

Moreso, with Paypal, no need to re-type your financial information with every online payment. You enter your details once and speed through checkout. If you want to learn more about how PayPal work, check out Investopedia

How to login to PayPay my account

During registration, you will choose between signing up for Business PayPal account or Personal PayPal account but during login, you don’t need to choose because Paypal can detect which account your email belongs too.

For example, I have to Business Paypal and Personal Paypal. Whenever I successfully login in, PayPal would automatically switch to the account type associated with login email.

Procedure to login on Paypal my account on a desktop
Open your browser enter this address ➡ to

Step 2: Enter your email or phone number associated with your Paypal and click next button

Step 3: Input your password.

If your login details are correct, Paypal will detect your account type whether business or personal and redirect you to your dashboard where you can perform transactions such as sending and receiving, check transaction history and make a withdrawal.

You can also login to your PayPal account on any mobile device connected to the internet with a mobile browser using the same step above. PayPal app is available on Android and IOS

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Paypal Password Reset 

Open your browser enter this address ➡ to

Let’s assume you remember your email but you forgot your password, click on Having trouble logging in? as seen on the image above. If Having trouble logging in? is not visible on your screen, input your email and click next. it should be visible now.

Next, you choose where Paypal should send your the reset PayPal password code and then click next button
Once you receive the code via text or email depending on the platform you choose, copy and paste the code
After this, you have successfully reset your PayPal password account. You can now successfully login again.

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